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Hughes Bros.

The Hughes Brothers (born April 1, 1972) is the collective name for American twin[1] brothers and film directors, producers and writers Albert and Allen Hughes. They are known for co-directing such visceral, and often violent, movies as Menace II Society and From Hell.

Early life

The Hughes Brothers were born in Detroit, Michigan to an African American father and an Armenian mother. Albert is the older of the fraternal twins by nine minutes.[2] Their parents divorced when they were two. The twins moved with their mother to Pomona, California, east of Los Angeles, when they were nine. The mother raised her sons alone while putting herself through school and starting her own business, a vocational center.[2] Supportive of her sons' ambitions as filmmakers, she gave them a video camera when they were twelve.[3]

The brothers embrace their African-American and Armenian heritage. Albert has stated that although "People wanted to hear from us because we were black not because we were half Armenian," he considers his artistic ability to come from the Armenian side of his family.[3]


  • Menace II Society (1992)
  • Dead Presidents (1995)
  • American Pimp (1999) – documentary
  • From Hell (2001)
  • The Book of Eli (2010)
  • Monkey Town (2011)


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