Haik Arslanian

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Haik Arslanian was born in Aleppo in 1927, Haik Arslanian graduated from Mkhitarian Seminary with a Bachelor degree. After a brief stay in Ethiopia in 1948 he returns to the Lebanon and then moves to Belgium in 1958. Along with his brother he establishes Arslanian Frères NV - one of the leading dealers in rough and industrial diamonds in the world with branches in New York, Guinea, South Africa and Central African Republic.

During his entire life Haik Arslanian has been a generous benefactor, supporting economic, cultural and educational development of his historical motherland.

He was the first to make a capital investment into the Newly Independent Republic of Armenia in 1992. In order to help raise the diamond sector in Armenia, Haik Arslanian founded a state of the art diamond-polishing factory named Lori in Nor Hajin (just outside Yerevan). The production of the Lori factory is highly competitive in the international market.

Haik Arslanian is a member of the Belgian Armenian National Assembly and since 1994, the Honorary Consul of Republic of Armenia in Belgium.

Haik Arslanian is also the President of AJA since its establishment in 1997.