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General Information

Mission Statement: Habitat for Humanity Armenia is a Non-government Charitable organization that supports community development in the Republic of Armenia by assisting in building and renovating simple, decent and affordable homes.

Goal: To help families in need improve their housing conditions, to raise funds to support this vital work, and to give hope to thousands of people. HFH Armenia’s goal is to eliminate substandard housing in Armenia, replacing it with simple, decent and affordable homes.

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Need: More than fifty percent of families in HFH Armenia’s focus area live in deteriorated housing with cramped quarters and limited water and heat. Construction on these homes began prior to the severe economic crisis in Armenia and halted after family savings were lost. Once forced to abandon the dream of completing their home, families often dram of completing their home, families often live in an unfinished basement or cellar: basically a large hole in the ground with a dirt floor and makeshift roof. Other families live in “domiks”, or metal containers brought to Armenia as temporary shelter following the devastating 1988 earthquake. Many families have been living in these containers for more than a decade, even though domiks are unbearably hot in the summer and only makeshift stoves fight off the extreme cold in winter. These families are unable to purchase their own homes, as they can neither save the required funds to pay the entire house cost up front, nor can they risk a high-interest loan.

Solution: Habitat has found a way to solve this problem. Families with two or three income earners can pay back a no-interest loan for a simple, decent, affordable, and healthy home, and still be able to feed their families.

Habitat for Humanity Armenia is helping the selected deserving partner families to complete their half-built homes, of which there are many in Armenia. The philosophy of Habitat is to provide a hand up and not a hand out to those in critical housing need.

The identification of the partner families is done by family selection committee, which consists of volunteers and staff members and plays a crucial role to ensure the overall smooth work of the organization. The selection on the basis of the following:

Three basic criteria according to which the families are selected:
• Housing need;
• Ability to pay on mortgage;
• Willingness to partner.

The selection is done on the basis of individual visits and interviews of the potential families. Once the family is selected the construction works begin. Upon the completion the family moves into the new built house and begins paying back on their zero-interest mortgage. All the partner families are participating in HFH Armenia implemented family support programs, which enable them continue developing and become self reliant.

Homes Built: As of December 2006 Habitat for Humanity Armenia has completed 275 homes (half-built homes and renovations), now more than 1000 people live in HFH Armenia homes.

Help Habitat for Humanity Armenia

HFH Armenia Sponsorship Costs

Half Built House $9040
Roof $2200
Interior Walls $1200
Lavatory and Sanitation $1100
All WIndows $750
All Doors $800
Painting $550
One Inside door $150

For more information and donations please visit our website http://www.hfharmenia.org or send an email to hfharmenia@hfharmenia.org

Get Involved: Experience of a Lifetime

Habitat for Humanity’s has a vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. You can help Habitat realize that vision on a Global Village trip.

Global Village seeks and mobilizes volunteers for a life-transforming experience, both for the volunteers and for the families whose homes they help build.

Global Village provides a platform for volunteers to travel across international borders and work in communities outside their homelands.

Global Village offers volunteers the chance to experience a unique camaraderie and build lasting friendships with fellow team members, and with Habitat home partner families. Global Village is a journey that will transform your life.

A Journey of Discovery and Transformation
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SEE first-hand how poverty housing undermines the life chances of children and adults alike

ROLL UP your sleeves to build houses and communities for people in need

EXPERIENCE the sights, sounds and adventure of living and working with people from different cultures and traditions

BUILD friendships that transcend borders

WITNESS and share the joy that comes when a family you have worked with receives the keys to their new Habitat home

BE part of an international movement to create a world where everyone has a proper home

Send an email to Gohar Palyan gpalyan@hfharmenia.org to know how you can come to Armenia with Global Village.

Catholicos Build 2007

HFH Armenia is honored to announce the second " His Holiness Karekin II Work Project: Armenian Building on Faith" annual event.

The events will start in the spring and will be finished in the autumn with a number of special events.

The project will take place from April through October in 10 different communities throughout Armenia where Habitat for Humanity operates. Within this project, Habitat for Humanity Armenia aims to help 27 families to complete construction of their half built homes and 10 families to do partial renovation of their homes.

Join the Action: Build on Faith in His Holiness Karekin II Work Project for 2007!!!

1. Read the stories of 37 families selected from Lori[http:\\www.hfharmenia.org\CB 2 families\CB 2 HFH Lori.zip], Vayots Dzor[http:\\www.hfharmenia.org\CB 2 families\CB 2 HFH VD.zip], Ararat & Armavir[http:\\www.hfharmenia.org\CB 2 families\CB 2 HFH Yerevan.zip] regions in the framework of the project. Sponsor a family to have a simple and decent place to live— Send US$ 7,360 (the weighted average cost of the completion of 27 half-built houses, and renovation of 10 houses) to the project, using options at the bottom of the page.

2. Form a volunteer team and sponsor a family— Join us for two weeks as a volunteer team to build with local parishes, volunteers and families. (As usual, teams cover their own expenses, including hotel, meals, transportation, insurance, etc. An additional $ 1,000 per team will be charged to cover administration costs).

The dates for this year’s special events are: April 10 -15 (opening); July 1-9 ( youth build); August 12-21 (dedication).

You can also request your preferred two weeks within the April– October building season!

You can also join us by sponsoring a home in the framework of our regular program ($9,040 for the completion of a half built home; $2,820 for a renovation ).

Please read the Feature Story [1]about Catholicos Build in September 2006 in Gavar, Armenia

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