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[[Category:Armenian Towns and Villages]]

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Gavar (Arm: Գավառ) is the capital of Armenia's Gegharkunik Marz, located near Lake Sevan. The town has a population of around 24,000 people.


Gavar was founded in 1830 by migrants from Bayazit in Turkey, with city status since 1850. Until 1959 it was called Nor Bayazit (New Bayazit), then Kamo, from the nom de guerre of Simon Ter-Petrosian (1882-1922), a "professional revolutionary" who robbed banks for the communist cause and escaped from various Czarist jails. He died in a car crash in Tbilisi.

Most of Gavar's industry is defunct, except for the cable factory. There is a folklore museum, an airport, and a bishop. The bishop was killed in a car accident and the diocese currently is being run by a pastor. The Early Iron Age fort of Berdi Glukh occupies a long, slender rocky hill, now a modern cemetery, paralleling the Gavaraget stream, behind the Haldi hotel on the main square. The fort includes early cave dwellings, towers and an underground passage to the Gavaraget. Just S is a large Early Iron Age cemetery. Urartian inscriptions lend credence to the theory that this was the center of the ancient Urartian district of Velikukhi. There are cyclopean fort remains all around the city, particularly one located five kilometers east of Berdi Glukh.

Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook

Community Portal

Gavar has a community portal that hopes to bring together people with ties to Gavar from all over the world. The name uses the colloquial name "kyavar" as the people of Gavar tend to pronounce the name as "Քյավառ". Please visit the site http://www.kyavar.com/ for more information.

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