Garen Boyajian

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Young, driven, and talented, Garen Boyajian is an ambitious actor with a bright future in film and television.

Garen’s professional career in acting began in Toronto, Canada at the age of 13. Stemming from a combination of interest and curiosity, acting soon developed from a hobby to a treasured passion.

Garen’s career was launched with Aaron Carter music videos and Sunny Delight commercials. As time progressed, so did his resume. His role as the distraught young Arshile Gorky in Atom Egoyan’s critically acclaimed Ararat propelled his career to the next level. Garen’s role in Ararat took him to the Toronto International Film Festival, where Ararat was chosen to open the Festival. Subsequently, Garen was invited to the Genies, where Ararat won 5 awards including the Best Canadian Film. Soon he landed roles in several projects including Jeff Ltd., Radio Free Roscoe, Instant Star, The Shrink, The Crossroad, New York Minute and Our Fathers. Garen’s role as Ed in the award winning series Radio Free Roscoe impressed critics and won him a following of devoted fans. It showcased Garen’s versatility and talent for truthfully embodying a vast array of characters. To this date Garen has worked along side well known talents such as Ted Danson, Christopher Plummer, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, Eugene Levy, Arsinee Khanjian, Andrea Martin and Daniel Baldwin, to name a few.

Garen is a firm believer in using his celebrity for good causes. He has dedicated his time and efforts towards educating hundreds of Canadian high school students about such universal topics such as genocide and human rights. He has been involved in several fundraisers and charity events for humanitarian causes such as Hayastan Foundation Canada Inc and the Canadian Diabetes Association. Garen has been the central component of such charitable causes like the Helen Keller Institute of the Blind where he has helped raise awareness for the cause and signed autographs for fans.

Presently, Garen finds himself straddling the Los Angeles and Toronto film industries. He continues to win increasingly prominent roles, develop his craft and further evolve along side his gifted team of agents, managers, lawyers and acting coaches.

Garen Boyajian’s dedication, drive and defiant pursuit of superstardom ensure a promising future.

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