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University of Burgundy

G. M. Goshgarian was awarded, from 1992 to 1999, some $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) for English translations of Armenian poetry and prose, among them a 120-page excerpt from Hagop Oshagan's novel cycle The Remnants, about half of Nigoghos Sarafian's book-length poem Vincennes Forest, poetry by Daniel Varouzhan and an essay by Vahan Derian, all translations funded by the Fesjian Fund at Columbia University and commissioned by Marc Nichanian, Associate Professor of Armenian Studies at Columbia. Goshgarian has also translated, at the request of Dr. Rouben Adalian of the Armenian National Institute in Washington, selections from Grigoris Balakian's Armenian Golgotha and Aram Andonian's In Those Dark Days, and, at the request of Professor Khachig Tölölyan and thanks to a generous bequest left by Abraham Terzian, work by K. Beledian, H. Kurkdjian, Nardouni, V. Oshagan, S. Shanour, Vorpouni, K. Zarian and many others.

None of the above translations has been published. All have long been ready for publication.

Goshgarian's published translations from Armenian are limited to excerpts from Zabel Yesayan's In the Ruins and Kurken Mahari's Burning Gardens (in M. Nichanian, Writers of Disaster, Princeton, Gomidas, 2003) as well as a half-dozen pages of H. Oshagan and K. Emin (in the review Ararat).

Goshgarian has also translated, from French and German, thirteen books and several essays by Louis Althusser, Jacques Derrida, Gérard Genette, Juergen Habermas, Octave Mannoni and others. All these translations from French and German have been published, with the exception of four essays by M. Nichanian, Anahid Ter Minassian and Claire Mouradian, and three on Atom Egoyan.