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Egypt has an old Armenian community. The size of the community has been rapidly shrinking since the 1960s due to emigration.


Armenpress Dec 5 2005

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 5, ARMENPRESS: Most of current Armenian Egyptians who are permanent residents of Egypt were born in Egypt. Armenian Egyptians are full Egyptians with an extra cultural layer. Their small community numbered around 8,000(before 1952 there around 60,000 Armenians in Egypt) is in Cairo and Alexandria.

Clubs, schools, and sports facilities run by Armenian Egyptians, the Armenian Church and the apolitical structure of the Armenian community have a very important role in unifying Armenians in Egypt. Armenian Egyptians work in the private sector, as successful business men, skilled handicraftsmen (especially as jewelers). Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, Armenians fled to Egypt from the Ottoman Turkey with a range of skills in the field of business, commerce, and finance. In addition they came to Egypt mastering foreign languages. Nowadays, Armenians who master foreign languages work in offices and branches of international organizations as well as foreign embassies in Cairo.

The Armenian community operates two benevolent and one cultural associations, the Armenian Red Cross Association, the Armenian General Benevolent Union and the Houssaper Cultural Association. The community has four social clubs in Cairo and two in Alexandria, in addition to three sporting clubs in the capital and two in Alexandria. There is one home for the elderly, and many activities for young people, including a dance troupe, Zankezour, a choir, Zevartnots, and a children's choir, Dzaghgasdan.

Egyptian Armenians run two daily papers and one weekly publication. Armenian Egyptians are divided into Orthodox (Gregorians) and Catholics. Catholics comprise the majority of Armenian Egyptians. There are five Armenian churches in Egypt, one in Alexandria and four in Cairo: The Prelacy of the Armenian Church in Egypt, which is under the jurisdiction of Holy Etchmiadzin, is the primary guardian of community assets such as endowments, real estate in the form of agricultural land and other property bequeathed by generations of philanthropists. The most famous Egyptian Armenia is Boghos Nubar Pasha (1825 - 1899), Egyptian statesman, politician and the first Prime Minister of Egypt. He served as Prime Minister of Egypt three times during his career.

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Saroukhan Street


CAIRO, DECEMBER 29, NOYAN TAPAN - ARMENIANS TODAY. By the decree of the Cairo mayor, one of the city's streets will be named after Alexander Sarukhan - the famous Armenian satirical painter - in recognition of his contribution to the Egyptian satirical painting art, the newspaper "Marmara" reported, citing the national literary weekly "Torch-Bearer" (Cairo). Sarukhan was much respected in the Arab information circles and worked for many years in such Arab papers as "Roch el Yusuf", "Akher Saa" and "Akhpar Yeliom", creating the image of El Masri Efendi (Egyptian). In 1973 he participated in an international exhibition in Montreal where he was awarded the title "Patriarch of Satirical Painters". His exhibitions were held in Beirut, Aleppo, Toronto, New York, Boston, Detroit, Paris and other cities. He is the author of a number of works, of which "This War", "We through Our Eyeglasses" and "We Don't Know Armenian" are noteworthy. A. Sarukhan illustrated the novels "Comrade Panjuni" by Yervand Otian and "Respectful Beggars" by Hakob Paronian.

Local Chapters of Armenian Organizations

Community Events Calendar


  • December 7, 2005 The Egyptian president , Hosni Mubarak , met in Cairo today the Armenian prime minister currently visiting Cairo. Earlier, the Armenian prime minister held a meeting with the Egyptian prime minister ,Dr.Ahmed Nazeef, in which they discussed posting the bilateral relations between the two countries.