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KAAKAJIan KABAKian KABALJIan KABABian KABABEDJIan KABADian KABADAyan (T) Swashbuckler, bully, tough. KABAKian KABAKCIan See KABAKJI an KABAKCIyan See KABAKJIan KABAKJIan (T) Pumpkin/squash grower or seller. KABAKLIan KABALIan KABARADJIan See KABARAJIan KABARAJIAN (T) Maker/seller of hob-nails, ornamented brass-headed nails. KABARDAyan KABASAKALian (T) Possessing a coarse or bushy beard. KABAyan KABBENDJIan See KABBENJIan KABBENJIan (T) Weighmaster, who determined the weight of sacks of grain with a kabben, a primitive scale suspended from a horizontal pole with a hook and one end of a horizontal bar and a sliding weight at the long end of it KABERJIan KABian KABILIan KABJIan KABLANian (T) See KAPLANian KABODian (T) See KABADAyan. KABOBJIan See KEBABJIan KABOOLian See KABOULian KABOUKian shell , rind, crust, bark, skin KABOULian Acceptance, assent, admission KABOUNian KABRANian (T) Slack, without energy. KABRIELian See KAPRIELian. KABUKian See KABOUKian. KABULian See KABOULian. KACian See KACHian. KACHADOORian See KHACHADOURian. KACHADORian See KHACHADOURian. KACHADOURian See KHACHADOURian. KACHADRian See KHACHADOURian. KACHADURian See KHACHADOURian. KACHAGIan See KAJAJIan KACHAJIan See KAJAJian KACHAKCHIan (T) Smuggler, moonshiner, contrabandist. KACHAKian (T) Fugitive, deserter. KACHAKJIan See KACHAKCHIan. KACHANian (T) Running away, fugitive. KACHARCHIan See KACHAKCHIan KACHARian See KACHAKian KACHATOORian See KHACHADOURian. KACHATURian See KHACHADOURian. KACHAZORian (A) KACHAZOUNian KACHBALian KACHDORian See KHACHADOURian. KACHDRian See KHACHADOURian. KACHEDJIan See KACHAJIan KACHEJIan See KACHAJIan KACHERian KACHian (A) Brave. KACHICHian See KESHISHian. KACHIDURian See KHACHADOURian. KACHIGian Dim. of KHACHADOURian. KACHIKian Dim. of KHACHADOURian. KACHOian Dim. of KHACHADOURian. KACHOUCHian KACHOUGian KADAMian KADEHJIan (Ab/T) maker/seller of cups, goblets, tumblers, drinking glasses. KADEMian KADERJIan (T) Fatalist. KADEyan (Ab/T) Magistrate, judge, cadi KADIan See KADEian KADIFEyan (T) Dealer in velvet cloth. KADIMian KADORian KADOYian KADZHBALian KAFADARian (T) Intimate friend, like-minded. KAFAFian See KAVAFian. KAFALAMAZian (T) Literally, without a head; figuratively, lacking understanding,unintelligent, foolish. KAFALMAZian See KAFALAMAZian KAFESJIan (T) Maker of lattice-works, bird cages. KAFESSian See KAFESJIan KAFFEyan KAFKADJIan KAFTAJIan See KAFTANJIan KAFTANJIan (T) Dealer in long-sleeved robe with a girdle

EPOLITICSJean-Jacques Rousseau in his favorite Armenian attire

A 1766 portrait of Rousseau wearing an Armenian costume by Allan Ramsay.

KAFTARian (?) KAGHEDJIan KAGHTSROUHIyan (A) Sweet KAGHTZROUNI (A) KAGian KAGRAMANian KAHian See KEHEyan KAHAUMJIan See KOUYOUMJIan. This misspelling of Kouyoumjian is another eample of the familiar Ellis Island hatchet job perpetrated on Armenian names. But, a case can be made for such variances resulting from the differences between Eastern and Western Armenian As a conjecture, the following scenario is plausible. When an Eastern Armenian-speaking person bears the name Kouyoumjian, he writes the name with the spelling of the letter J (hee) for the y sound instead of (yech) as is done in Western Armenian. Then, when a Western Armenian-speaking person sees the name Kouyoumjian n spelled with the letter J (hee), he pronounces it Kouhoumjian. KAHAYan See KEHEyan KAHIGian Dim. of KAHAyan. KAHKEDJIan See KAHKEJIan KAHKEJIan (T) Small biscuit or cookie msker/vendor. KAHNECIyan KAHRAMANian (Ab/P) Major domo, steward. (T) Hero, gallant& brave fellow. KAHRAMANJAyan (T) Dearly heroic, valiant.. KAHRIMANian See KAHRAMANian KAHSERJIan See See GESARian KAHVECIan See KAHVEJIan KAHVECIyan See KAHVEJIan KAHVEDJIan See KAHVEJIan KAHVEJIan (T) Coffee-shop owner or operator. KAHWADJIan See KAHVEJIan KAHWAJIan See KAHVEJIan KAHYAyan See KEHEyan KAIAGIan KAICHian KAILian (T) Saying;consenting, agreeing. Speaker. KAIMAKAMian (T) Local governor, Lt. Colonel., mayor , sub-governor KAISERian (T) See GESARian KAISERLIan See GESARian KAISHian KAISSARian See GESAR KAISSERLIan See GESAR KAJAGOONY KAJAJian (A) Dwarf, pigmy. KAJARian KAJIGian KAJIRian KAJOian KAKIGian KAKILIan KAKLEGian See KEKLIKian KAKLIGian See KEKLIKian KAKLIKian See KEKLIKian KAKOUSian KAKOyana KAKUSSian KALABALIKian (T) Crowd, throng, confused mass; crowded; bustling; thronged. KALACHIan See KALAYJIan KALADJIan See KALAYJIan KALADJIKIan KALAEGIan See KALAYJIan KALAFian See KALAFATJIan KALAFATJIan (T) Caulker. KALAGIan See KALAYJIan KALAHJIan See KALAYJIan KALAian See KALAYJIan KALAIDJIan See KALAYJIan KALAIGIan See KALAYJIan KALAIJIan See KALAYJIan KALAJIan See KALAYJIan KALAKJIan KALALian KALAMian (Ab/P) Purveyor of writing pens, quills, reeds. KALAMKARian See KALEMKARian KALAMOJIan KALANDARian (P) A wandering mendicant; Dervish who has renounced the world; unconventional person. KALANDERian See KALANDARian. KALANDJIan KALANIyan KALANJIan KALANTARian KALAPTCHIan KALASHian See KELESHian. KALAYCIan See KALAYJIan KALAYDJIan See KALAYJIan KALAYGIan See KALAYJIan KALAYian See KALAYJIan

KALAYJIan T) Tinsmith, one who tins copper vessels

KALBian = (Ab) counterfeit KALBian = (T) heart, center, change KALBian (P) Mind. KALBian (Ab) Shark. See Kalp. KALBAKIan KALBAKLIan KALBURJIan (T) Maker/seller of sieves, screens. KALDEREJIan (T) See KALDERJIan KALDERJIan (T) kaldurji: pavior, loafer KALDJIan KALDOUSDian KALEian KALEBDJIan KALEBJIan KALECHian KALEJIan GOALKEEPER. KALEKERian See KALEMKARian KALEMian See KALAMian. KALEMBIARian KALEMDERian KALEMJIan KALEMKARian ( ) A painter of designs on muslin, etc.; a engraver on gold or silver. KALEMKIARian See KALEMKARian. KALEMKERian See KALEMKARian. KALENian KALENDERian KALENTSian KALEPDJIan KALESHian KALESTian KALFAyn (T) Architect; master builder; qualified workman; usher (of school); head clerk KALFian See KALFAyan. KALian KALIan KALIGian KALIKian KALIMian KALINian KALIPJIan (T) Fez mold maker. KALISHian KALJIan (T) Metal refiner. KALLAJIan See KALAYJIan. KALLEMian See KALAMian KALLOGHLIan KALOian KALOEMKIARian KALEMKARian KALOGERAKOSian KALOJIan KALOOGian KALOOSDian See KALOUSDian KALOOSIL KALOOSTian See KALOUSDian KALOUKian KALOUSDian (A) Advent: the coming or nativity of Jesus.Christ. Welcome (as in pari kalousd) KALOUSTian See KALOUSDian KALOYJIan KALPian See KALBian. KALPAGIan See KALPAKJIan. KALPAKian T See KALPAKJIan KALPAKJIan (T) Fur cap maker/selleer. KALPAKGIan See KALPAKJIan. KALSAHAKian (T/H) Kal, a variant of kel, is defined as “bald headed,” and Sahak, a truncation of Isahak, borrowed from Hebrew, Yitzhak (Isaac), is defined as “he will laugh.” Hrach Kalsahakian, among other callings, is the editor of Azad-Hye Middle East Armenian website, and a journalist and member of Dubai Press club. In response to our inquiry here is what he had to say about the history of his surname. I am originally from the Ekizluk village in Kessab area in north east Latakia in present-day Syria. My village is still inhabited by Armenians and I do visit then at least once every year or second year. My family is named after Sahag, my great-grandfather. Most probably he was bold so in Turkish he was called kal. In Arabic it was reproduced sometimes as kul, and in Armenian it was written as kel (in Kessab, we have Kel-Yaghoubian, Kel-Boghossian, etc.). I prefer red he to change the kel to kal, and combined it with “Sahak,” and came out with Kalsahakian (which is unique when you Google it.) KALSHOHian KALSTian KALSTANian KALTAKJIan (T) Saddle-tree (frame for constructing saddles) maker/seller. KALUBJIan See KALUPCHIan KALUMJIan KALUNian See KALYANian KALUPCHIan (T) Mold maker (fez, etc.) KALUSDian See KALOUSDian. KALUSTian See KALOUSDian. KALVONJIan KALYANian (P) Maker/seller of Water pipes. KALYANDJIan See KALYANian. KALYJIan See KALAYJIan KALYNian See KALYANian KALYONian See KALYANian KAMian KAMAJIan (T) Dagger, poniard, dirk, or wedge maker/seller KAMAKian KAMALIan (T) wedge-like; dagger-like KAMANJIan KAMARian KAMBEGian KAMBOORian See KAMBOURian KAMBORian See KAMBOURian KAMBOURian (T) Hunchback(ed), crooked, warped. KAMBRARian KAMERian KAMIGOCHian KAMIKSZian KAMISHLIan KAMJIan KAMKASHian KANian KANAyan (T) Kan: blood. From Khudaverdi in the Lake Urmia region came five brothers to Igdir. They were a rough crowd and became land barons; then became respectable. (From Mardig Kanayan, son of General Dro.) KANARian (A) Harp knar KANBOURian KANCHELIan ( ) Native of Kanche, which, according to George Aghjayan, was mentioned by Alishan and Eprikian as a town or fortress in Cilicia at the time of the Cilician kingdom. KANDAHARian KANDANian KANDARian KANDARJIan KANDASHian (T) One of the same blood KANDIGian KANDOyan Dim. of KANGIan KANIGian KANJIan KANLIan KANKOURian (A) One with curly hair. KANLUJIan KANOian KANTARian KANTARDJI See KANTARJIan. (T) KANTARJIan (T) 1. Steelyard worker; 2. Public weighing official. KANTSABEDian (A) Cashier, treasurer. KANTSAROURian ( ) Dealer in swaddling bands KANTSian See KANTSABEDian.See KHANTSIan. KANTZian See KANTSABEDian KANTZABET See KANTSABEDian KANZian See KANTSABEDian. KAOLian KAPian Dim. of KAPAMAJIan, etc. KAPAGian KAPAKJIan KAPAMAGIan See KAPAMAJIan KAPAMAJIan (T) Dealer in all kinds of ready-made clothing, shoes, etc. KAPANDJI KAPAS KAPEGHian See KAPUJIan KAPIGian See KAPUJIan KAPIGHian See KAPUJIan KAPIJIan See KAPUJIan KAPIKian See KAPUJIan KAPILian KAPITANian See KAPTANian KAPLAMAJIan (T) Silver plater KAPLANian T Tiger, leopard.. KAPLANJIan KAPLAYUJIan (T) Silver plater KAPOOSHian See KAPUJIan KAPOOSian See KAPUJIan KAPOUSOUSian See KAPUSUZian. KAPOyan Dim. of KAPUJIan, etc. KAPREILian See KAPRIELian KAPRELian See KAPRIELian KAPRIELian (H) Biblical angel of God: God is my strength. KAPRILian See See KAPRIELian KAPSUZian See KAPUSUZian. KAPTANian (T) Captain (of a ship). KAPUJIan (T) Doorman, Gate-keeper, Porter, Janitor. caretaker, concierge KAPUHSUZ See KAPUSUZian. KAPUSUZian (T) Doorless, gateless, without a job. See KAPSUZ (uncovered) KAPUTIKian See GABOUDIGian. KARian KARAASLAN (T/P) Black lion. KARABACAKian See KARABAJAKian KARABAGHTSIan (T) Native of Karabagh (Artsakh). KARABAJAGHian (T) Black-footed. KARABAJAKian (T) Black legs. KARABASANian (T) Black nightmare. See MGHTSAVANCHian. KARABASHian (T) Monk; priest; celibate. KARABEDian See GARABEDian KARABELAyan (T) Black or gloomy trouble, misfortune, calamity. KARABETian See GARABEDian. KARABian See GARABEDian KARABIDian See GARABEDian KARABLIan KARACCUSIan KARACHORLU yan KARACHOSian KARACOZian KARADian See KARADAYian KARADAR KARADAVOUKIan KARADAYian (T) Swarthy maternal uncle; captain of a ship; a good fellow. Stepan Karadian has the following to say about his family name; “There’s only one other in Los Angeles, but no relation. My dad changed it from Yaghdjian to Karadayian to Karadian. Kara= dark/black; di = uncle, so we are son or family of a dark skinned uncle. He was from the village of Soelesz, Bursa.” KARADENIZLIan (T) Native of Black Sea area. KARADJIan See KARAJIan KARAFian KARAGATCHLIan KARAGELian KARAGEOZian (T) Black or dark-eyed person; gypsy; main figure in shadow show (the Turkish Punch). KARAGEULLEYian KARAGEUZian See KARAGEOZian KARAGEZiane KARAGEOZian KARAGHASiane KARAGEOZian KARAGHEUSian See KARAGEOZian: KARAGHIAULLEyan KARAGHLANian See KARAOGHLANian. KARAGHOSSiane KARAGEOZian KARAGHUSiane KARAGEOZian KARAGHUZiane KARAGEOZian KARAGIan KARAGIOSiane KARAGEOZian KARAGJOZiane KARAGOZian KARAGOEZian See KARAGEOZian KARAGOLian (T) Native of Karagol village near Sepastia, Western Armenia. KARAGOSiane KARAGEOZian KARAGOULian (T/P) Black rose. The name of a breed of sheep from whose lambs astrakhan is obtained. KARAGOUZiane KARAGEOZian KARAGOWZiane KARAGEOZian KARAGUEUZiane KARAGEOZian KARAGUEZiane KARAGOZian KARAGULian See KARAGOULian KARAGULAyan) Black stone? KARAHAGOPian KARAHISSARian (T) See AFYONian and SHABINian. KARAJALIan Like a karajuh: See KARAJIan KARAJELIan (T) Like a karajuh: See KARAJIan KARAJIan (T) Brigand, highwayman, backbiter. KARAJOGHLUyan See KARAJIan KARAKACHian See KARAKASHian KARAKASHian (T) Possessing black eyebrows. KARAKAZian See KARAKASHian. KARAKEHyan (T) Black head of a village. KARAKELian See KARAGULian. KARAKEZian KARAKHANian KARAKOOSHian SEE KARAKUSHian KARAKOSian See KARAKOUSHian KARAKOSHian See KARAKOUSHian KARAKOUSHian (T) Eagle, KARAKOUSSian KARAKOUSHian KARAKOUZian See KARAKOUSHian, KARAGEOZian. KARAKSHiane KARAKUSHian. KARAKUSHian See KARAKOUSHian KARALANian KARALANDian KARALIan KARALOKian KARAMian KARAMALIan KARAMANian (T) See KARAMANLIan KARAMANLIan (T) Native of town of that name in the Vilayet of Konia, near Erzerum; a dark complexioned person. KARAMANOOGian See KARAMANOUGian KARAMANOUGian (T/A) Swarthy complexioned youth. KARAMANOUKian See KARAMANOUGian KARAMANUGian See KARAMANOUGian KARAMARDian KARAMian KARAMOUSSAian KARANian KARANFILian Dealer in cloves. KARANFULian See KARANFILian. KARANOUKian KARAOBLANian KARAOGHLANian (T) Dark youth, gypsy KARAOGLANian See KARAOGHLANian. KARAPAian KARAPANian KARAPETian See GARABEDian KARAPGOSIan KARAPOian KARAPTIan KARASARKISSian KARASHFERian KARATAVUKian KARATOPRAKian (T) Black soil/earth, grave KARAVANian (T) Karavana: Dealer in flat copper pans, mess-tins. KARAVANKian (T/A) Native of village near Kharpert. KARAVERDIan KARAVOSian KARAyan Dim. of KAREKINian. KARAyan See KARAGOPian, KARAGOZian, KARAKASHian, KARAPOULian, etc. KARAYANISian KARAYAVRUian KARBASian See KURBASHian KARBORian KARBOUZian KARDian KARDASHian (A) Stone-chipper, hewer. See KARDESHian. KARDESHian (T) Brother (Kardesh from karn: belly, and dash: fellowship.) KAREKINian KARENFILian KARENTZian KARGHEUSian KARGIan See KARJIan KARGODORian KARian (A) Dikm. of karaganch; stone deaf. KARIBian See GHARIBian KARICHian KARIGian KARIJOHNian KARIMian KARINian KARJIan (T) Snow/ice vendor. KARKAZian KARKOURIan KARMIGian KARMIRLIan KARMIRSHALian See GARMIRSHALian KARNICKian KARNIGian KARNIKian KARNOZian KAROGHian KAROGHLANian See KARAOGHLANian. KAROGLAN See KARAOGHLANian. KAROPian KAROUGian KAROUNian KARPOUZ (T/P) Watermelon grower/seller KARRJIIan KARSian KARSARJIan KARSERJIan KARSLYan KARTALian 1.(T) Eagle. 2. Native of Kartal, a district of Istanbul. KARTOZian KARUBian KARVJIan KARZian KASABian See KASSABian. KASABACHIan KASADJIan KASAGIan KASAKian KASANDJIan See KAZANJIan KASAPian KASARian (T) Dealer in hatchets, small axes. bill-hooks, pruning implements. KASARJIan See KASARian KASAYian KASBARian (P) Treasure-master; impmrial; the white on; name of one of the three Magi. KASELIan KASGELENian (T) The goose is coming; said of a foolish person. KASGUELENian See KASGELENian KASHiam (T) Eyebrow. KASHANian KASHARian (T) A kind of flat cheese made in the Balkans. KASHCARian KASHGAGian KASHGARian KASHIKJIan See KASHUKCHIAN KASHISHian KASHKASHian (T) Eyebrow, a curved thing, collet (of a ring); accolade (Mus.) KASHLIan KASHMANian KASHOian KASHTELIan KASHUKCHIan (T) Spoon maker KASian KASILIan KASKANian KASMANian KASNAKJIan KASOUMian KASPARian See KASBARian KASPERian See KASBARian KASSian KASSABian KASABian (Ab) Butcher. KASSAKian KASSAMAN (T) kassam; (A/H) Ketseman: Gethsemane KASSAPian KASSARDJIan See KASSARian. KASSARIJIan See KASSARian. KASSARian (Ab/T) Fuller: One who cleans, shrinks, and thickens cloth with moisture, heat and pressure. Textile whitener. KASSARJIan See KASSARian KASSARDJIAN (T) Small axe/hatchet maker/seller; fuller KASSELian KASSEMJIan KASSISian KASSOUNI KASSOUNY KASTARian KASUMian KATABian KATANGIan KATANJIan KATARIKyan (T) kater: string or file of camels, etc.; railway train KATAROyan KATCHian KATCHADOORian KATCHADOURian KATCHARian KATCHERian KATCHIKian KATCHUNEian KATERINAian KATERJIan (T) Muleteer KATIBian (Ab) Clerk, secretary. KATIONADJIan KATIRJIan Carrier KATORINCEKian KATRANDJIan See KATRANJIan. KATRANJIan (T) Dealer in or worker with tar. KATSAKHian (A)Vinegar KATSian KATURJIan See KATERJI Katurji = muleteer (T) KATZAKHian See KATSAKHian KAVAFian (Ab/P) Dealer in ready-made boots. KAVAKJIan KAVALDJIan KAVALGIan KAVALJIan KAVAZANJIan (A/P) Staff/cane maker or seller. [Minas Arakelian suggests that kavazan is derived from the Persian words gav for cow, and asa for rod or stick.]. KAVGIan KAVJIan KAVLAKian KAVOKian See KAVOUKJIan KAVONian KAVOOGian See KAVOUKJIan KAVOOKian See KAVOUKJIan KAVOOKJIan See KAVOUKJIan KAVORKian See KEVORKian KAVOUGian See KAVOUKJIan KAVOUKian KAVOUKJIan (T) Quilted turban maker/dealer. KAVUKJIan See KAVOUKJIan KAVOUNJIan (T) Grower or seller of melons. KAVUNian See KAVOUNJIan. KAYAian KAYADJANian See KAYAJANian KAYAJANian KAYAJIan KAYAKACHOyan (T/A) Khachadour the village leader. KAYAKCHIan (T) Maker/seller of skis, snowshoes. KAYALian KAYANEHian KAYARian KAYAyan See KEHYAyan. KAYETSIan KAYISHian See KAYUSHian. KAYISHJIan See KAYUSHian. KAYMAKAMian KAYMAKCIan KAYNAKCHIan See KAYNAKJIan KAYNAKJIan (T) Welder. KAYSALIan KAYSERian KAYSERLIan See GESARian KAYSSEian See GESARian KAYTANJIan (T) Maker/seller of cotton or silk cords, braids. KAYUSHian (T) Maker/seller of leather straps, belts, thongs,girdles KAYVEJIan KAZALOSian KAZANCHIan See KAZANJIan KAZANDJIan See KAZANJIan KAZANGIan See KAZANJIan KAZANJIan (T) Cauldron, kettle, boiler-maker, coppersmith, KAZARian See GHAZARian. KAZARJIan KAZAROSian See GHAZAROSian. KAZASian See KAZAZian and KAZZAZian. KAZAZian (Ab) Glazier. KAZELIan KAZEROONI KAZEROUNI KAZHARian KAZian See KAZAZian, KAZZAZian,KAZIJIan, KAZIGian KAZIJIan (T) Excavator, engraver KAZIKian (T) stake; peg; pile KAZIZian KAZKAZian KAZZAZian (T) Silk manufacturer; See KAZAZian. KCHIKian KDICHian (A) Inventor, author, contriver KDICHian Seer, soothsayer ? KEAKLOUKian KEARZIRian KEASian KEAZIRian KEBABDJIan See KEBABJIan KEBABian See KEBABJIan KEBABJIan (T) Roaster, vendor of roast meat; proprietor of a small restaurant KEBADJIan KECHEBEY KECHECHian KECHEDJIan KECHEGian KECHEJIan (T) Maker/seller of felt products, such as hats, mats and carpets. KECHESian KECHian (T) Goat, obstinate KECHICHian See KESHISHian KECHIJIan KECHKARian

KECHIKIAN (T/A) Little goat (?)

KECHOyan KECHSJIan KECian See KECHian KEDian (A) Seer, soothsayer ? diviner KEDEMian KEDERSHA KEDESHian KEDIan KEDISHian See KDICHian KEDJIan KEDJIKALIan KEFEian KEFELIan KEFEyan KEGEian KEGHADZINian KEGHAMian KEGHANIan KEGHANOUSHian KEGHARTian KEGHETSIGian KEGHLIan KEGHONian KEGHOOHIyan KEGHOUSHian KEHian See KEHYAyan.. KEHAYian See KEHYAyan.. KEHEyan See KEHYAyan.. KEHIAyan See KEHYAyan. KEHISHian See KAYUSHian. KEHYAyan (T) Village elder. KEHYEyan See KEHEyan. KEIKian KEIOGLIan See KEISARian See GESARian. KEISHian (T) See KAYUSHian. KEJEGJIan KEJEJIan (T) Purveyor of bitter, pungent herbs. KEKEJIan See KAHKEJIan KEKLIGIan See KEKLIKIan. KEKLIKian (T) Red-legged partridge KELALian KELAyan KELEBDJIan KELEBJIan KELECHIan KELEDJIan KELEGian See KEKLIK.ian KELEJIan KELEKian See KEKLIK.ian KELEMJIan See KALAMian KELENJIan See KULUNJI:an. KELERCHIan KELERCHIan KELERJIan KELESHian (T) Ringwormy; bald; dirty. KELIGian KELIJI KELIKian See KEKLIKian KELJIan KELJIKian KELKJIan KELLEJIan (T) Sheep’s head cooker. KELLIGian KELLJIan KELLOYan KELMIGian KELOFian KELSHian KELTian KELyan KEMian KEMALIan Native of KEMANIyan (T) Violinist. KEMANJIan (T) Violin maker. KEMATJIan KEMHADJI KEMIKISIZ KEMKEMian KEMURDZIan See Keomourjian KENin KENADJIan See KUNAJIan KENAJIan See KUNAJIan KENDERian See KENDIRJI KENDERJIan KENDIGian KENDIKian KENDIRJIan (T) Hemp rope maker/seller. KENJARSLAN KENNian KENOSian KENTENJI KENTIKian KEOCHEKian KEOGHLIan KEOGHOULOUyan See KEOROGHLOUyan. KEOLAyan KEOLEian KEOLIan KEOMOURJIan (T) Coal dealer, collier, stoker. KEOMURJIan See KEOMOURJIan. KEONDJIan KEONJIan KEORian KEORKian See KEURKJIan. KEORKUNian KEOROGHLIan See KEOROGHLOUyan. KEOROGHLOUyan (T) The hero of a popular legend; son of a blind man KEOROUGHLIan See KEOROGHLOUyan. KEOSAYian See KEOSEyan KEOSEyan (T) Hairless, beardless. KEOSHEian See KEOSEyan KEOSHEKER KEOSHGER KEOSHIyan See KEOSEyan KEOSHKAR KEOSHKER KEOSIyan See KEOSEyan KEOSSian See KEOSEyan KEOSSEian See KEOSEyan KEOTAHian KEOTEKLI KEPEGIan KEPENEKian KEPOUSEZian KERian KERAGHOSian See GIRAGOSian KERAIRian KERAMEDJIan See KIRAMIDJIan KIREMIDJIan KERAMETian WONDER, MARVEL. KERAMETLIan KERASIMian KERAZian KERBABian KERBAJIan:See KURBAJIan. KERBASHian (T) kurbajuh: Whip, scourge KERBECKian KERBEKian KERBESHian KERBEYKian See KURBUYUKian KERBOUSHian KEREKian See GEREKTSIan KEREMEJIan See KEREMITJIan ? KERENDian KERENDJIan KERENEKian KERESEDJIan KERESian KERESTECIyan See KERESTEJIan KERESTEDJIan See KERESTEJIan KERESTEJIan (T) Timber merchant. KERIyan KERIKian KERJALIan KERJIKian KERJILIan See KURCHILIan. KERKian KERKASHARian See KERKIASHARian KERKIASHARian (T) The sound of slashing of a large axe. KERKERian KERKEZian KERKOyan KERKORian: See Krikorian KERKONian KERMANIKian KERMian KERMJIan KERMOYan KERNian KERNEKLIan (T) Native of village near Kharpert) ?; mountain in vicinity of Malatia ? KEROGHLIan See KEOROGHLOUyan KEROGLIan See KEOROGHLOUyan KEROPian (H) Cherub (baby angel). KEROVPian See KEROVPEyan KEROVPEyan Classical form of KEROPian. KEROyan KERPICHian SUN-DRIED BRICK, ADOBE. KERPICHJIan KERRIyan KERSAMian KERTENian KERTMANian KERTMENian KERTOyan KERVANBASHian (T) Leader of a caravan. KERVANDJIan See KERVANJIan KERVANJIan (T) Caravansary operator. KESian KESABLian See KESSABian KESAyan KESADJIKian KESDEKian KESEJIan (T) Maker/seller of hair gloves for scrubbing the skin. KESEyan KESENCI KESHian KESHESHian KESHGEGian See KESHKEKian KESHGUERian KESHISHian (T) Christian priest or monk KESHISHzadeh See KESHISHian KESHKEGian See KESHKEKian KESHKEKJIan (T) Maker/seller of dish of wheat boiled with minced meat. KESHMESHian KESIyan KESISian KESKERian KESKINian KESSABian (Ab) Native of city of Kessab in Syria. See KASSABian. KESSEDJIan/KESAJian (T) Maker/seller of coarse hair bath mitts KESSISSian KESTENian KETCHian KETCHADOURian KETCHEDJIan KETCHELian KETCHIyan KETCHOyan KETEFian KETENDJIan KETENJIan (P/Ab/T) Maker/seller of flax linen. KETENTCHIan See KETENJIan. KETEyan (T) Maker/seller of pastry made of rice-flour. KETIG ian KETIK ian KETMETian KETSEMANian (H) Gethsemane, Biblical garden outside Jerusalem, scene of the agony, betrayal and arrest of Jesus. KETSOyan KEUCHEUKBALTAyan (T) Vendor of small axes. KEUCHEUKGOULian (T/P) Little rose. KEUCHEUKian (T) Small, young; insignificant; child. KEUCEUKSHIRINian (T/P) Small and sweet; affable, charming. KEUCEUKSIRINian See KUCUKSHIRINian KEUCEUKYANTIR (T) Native of Little Yantir, the name of a village near------? KEUCHGERian See GOSHGAGARian. KEUCHGUERian See GOSHGAGARian. KEUCHKARian See GOSHGAGARian. KEUCHKERian See GOSHGAGARian. KEUFTEJIan (T) Maker/seller of stuffed meatballs with bulghour. KEUFTERian KEUHNELIan (T) Native of village of Keuhne, located in the area of Gessaria east of the town of Yozgat. KEUKJIan KEULEyan KEULI yan KEULTCHEyan (T) Metal ingot worker. KEUMURian KEUNJIan KEUPELIan (T) Earring-like; wearing earrings; with pendants KEURAJIan (T). See KOURAJIan. KEUREDGIan See KOURAJIan. KEUREJIan See KOURAJIan. KEUREKCHIan (T) Maker/ seller of oars; paddles, rower, oarsman KEURian See KOURAJIan. KEURJIKian KEURKJIan Furrier. KEURKLIan (T) Adorned with furs. KEUROGHELIan See KEOROGHLOUyan. KEUROGHLIyan See KEOROGHLOUyan. KEURPEyan KEUSADADAYIan KEUSEyan KEUSEYian KEUSHGENian KEUSHGUERian KEUSHKERian KEUSHTOURian

KEUSSEyan See KEOSAian KEUTELIyan KEUYOGHLIyan KEVian KEVANian KEVERian KEVKHOyan KEVONian KEVORian KEVORKian (Gr) George: farmer, agriculturist. KEVOyan Dim. of KEVORKian KEVRANian KEYianyan KEYAyan KEYFERian KEYIJIan (T) Keyji: master fountain-maker KEYISian See KAYISHian KEYISHian KEYMETian KEYMETLIan KEYTANJIan See KETENJIan KEZARJIan KEZERian KEZIRian KEZLARian KEZLEyan KEZORKian KGULOyan KHABAyan KHACATURian KHACHian KHACHADOORian See KHACHADOURian KHACHADORian See KHACHADOURian KHACHADOURian (A) Cross bearer or giver; giver of or by the cross KHACHADRian See KHACHADOURian KHACHADURian See KHACHADOURian KHACHAIRian KHACHANian KHACHAPARTSian KHACHATOORian See KHACHADOURian KHACHATORian See KHACHADOURian KHACHATOURian See KHACHADOURian KHACHATRian See KHACHADOURian KHACHATURian See KHACHADOURian KHACHEKian Dim. of KHACHADOURian KHACHENTSIan KHACHERESian (a) face of a cross KHACHERian (A) Crosses KHACHIGian (A) Dim. of KHACHADOURian KHACHIKian (A) Dim. of KHACHADOURian KHACHIyan KHACHMANian KHACHOyan (A) Dim. of KHACHADOURian KHACHOOMian KHACHOUHIan KHADARian KHADILian (T) Crude, hard, coarse. KHADIMian Eunuch KHADIVian KHADJAGOUNI KHADJIKian KHADZian KHAFFAFian See KAVAFian KHAHDOyan KHAJAGian KHAKian KHALAFian KHALAPian KHALARian KHALATian (Ab) Gift bestowed by a king. KHALBOURian KHALIGian See KHALIJIan, HALIKian. KHALIJIan (P) Rug/carpet weaver/seller KHAMBEGian KHAMBEKian KHAMISian KHANian KHANABABian KHANAGIRILMEZian (T) Someone who does not enter a khan, such as a tavern or coffeehouse. A prude. KHANAMIRian T/Ab/P Found in Turkish, Arabic and Persian, khan and amir are descriptive terms that have overlapping meanings. Both can be variously defined as lord, sovereign, commander, chieftain. Thus a fitting rendering would be commander-in-chief. See AMIRKHANian. KHANANian KHANARian KHANAZADian KHANBABian KHANBEGian KHANDAMian KHANDIGian KHANDIKian KHANDJIan KHANian See KHANJIan KHANJIan.(T) Innkeeper. KHANLARian KHANLIan KHANLIJIan KHANTROUNI KHANTSAROURian ( ) Swaddling band. KHANTSIan ( ) Native of Khan, a village near Sepastia, Historic Armenia. KHANTZian See KHANTSian. KHANYEDian KHANZADian KHANZATian KHANZETian KHANZOGHian KHARADJIan KHARAJIan KHARAJJIan KHARARDJIan KHARATian (Ab) KHARCHERian KHARIBian KHARMADJIan (T) See KHARMANJIan KHARMANDARian (T) Owner of grain for threshing KHARMANJIan (T) Thresher; sorter, blending expert, blender of tobacco, etc. KHARODJILian KHARPERTian KHASARDian KHASHADOURian See KHACHADOURian KHASHAMANian KHASHARian KHASMANian KHASSian KHATian KHATALIan Hata = mistake, fault, blunder. KHATANASian KHATANASSian KHATCATRian KHATCHADOURian See KHACHADOURian KHATCHADRian See KHACHADOURian KHATCHADURian See KHACHADOURian KHATCHATOURian See KHACHADOURian KHATCHATRian KHATCHATURian See KHACHADOURian KHATCHERian KHATCHIKian Dim. of KHACHADOURian KHATCHOyan Dim. of KHACHADOURian KHATISian KHATISSian KHATJIRian KHATOUNian (TT) A noble lady, queen, mistress. KHATOUNAGian (TT/A) Little lady. KHAVILIJIan (T) Maker/seller of towels. KHAVLIJIan KHAVLOUJIan KHAYian KHAZABASHian (Ab/T) Master or head silk worker or merchant. KHAZANCHIan (P) Treasurer. KHAZARian ( ) Native of the village of Khazar in the vicinity of Bitlis, Turkey. Khazar can also be a diminutive of Ghazaros, and variant of Yeghiazar. See YEGHIAZARian. KHAZINian (T) Hazin in modern Turkish: Sad, melancholy. KHAZMADARian (P) Lord of the treasury. KHCHIRian KHEBOyan KHECHOOMian KHECHOUMian KHEDERian KHEDERLARian KHEDESHian KHEJIRIKian KHEMTEMOURian (T) Khem (hem): Pers. Prefix indicating similarity or company; Temour (Temur-Leng) Tamerlane

KHERBEKIAN See KURBUYUKian And KHERDian (T) Truncation of kherd-kach: break and run The Kherdian sub-clan traces back to a common ancestor. Here is what Charles (Garabed) Hardy of Racine, Wisconsin has to say about the history of the name: The story about our family name, Kherdian, is the following: The name of our entire clan was Bakaian. Our part of the clan became Kherdian as a result of the following event: My paternal grandfather, Garabed Kherdian, was a carpenter by trade. One day a Turk from a neighboring village came to Khulakugh (a village near Kharpert City) and asked Grandfather Garabed to make and hang a door for him. When the job was completed, Grandfather Garabed went to see the Turk to get paid. The Turk told him that he did not have the money that day and that Grandfather should come back another day. Each time Grandfather went to see the Turk to get paid, he got the same answer. Finally, he was convinced that the Turk had no intention of paying him. So Grandfather Garabed came up with a plan. Late one night, he along with his brothers and cousins went to this Turkish village. While everyone was sound asleep, they chopped down the door and fled. As they were fleeing, the Turks woke startled and started screaming “kherduh khashduh” which in Turkish dialect means “destroyed and fled.” Since that time the name of our part of the clan became Kherdian. KHEREMian KHERIMian Kerem ? Khrim ? KHERLOBian See KHERLOPian. KHERLOPian (Ab/T) Hayir: good, lop: bolt (food) One who swallows food by the mouthful; a gourmand. KHESHADORian See KHACHADOURian KHESHVADJI KHETIG KHEUBESER KHEYMAT See KUYMETian, WORTH OR VALUE. KHIDISH KHITAB SPEECH KHITIK KHLEBNIKian (R) Baker. KHLGHATyan KHMBOyan KHNDAM (KHANDAMIR) KHNGENI KHNTIR KHODABASHIAN KHODADADian KHODANian (T) Hodan: One who cultivates and sells a coarse, hairy, blue-flowered European herb, used medicinally and in salads. KHODAVERDian


KHOJAMIRian (T/Ab) Prince of teachers. KHOJAAVAKian (T/A) Senior teacher. KHOJIKian KHOKASian KHOLAMian (T) Maker or seller of cinch belts that a hamal (porter0 uses to haul heavy objects on the shoulders. KHOLIAPANian See KOLIAPAN. KHONARH KHOOBAT KHOOMAR KHORAN KHORCHIDian KHORENATSIan KHORENian KHORIGian KHORIK KHORKHOR KHORODIG KHOROZian (T) Rooster, cock-of-the-walk; someone who struts about; or puts on airs; hammer of a gun. KHORSANDian KHOSDEGH KHOSHABJI KHOSHAF KHOSROF See KHOSROV KHOSROV (P) Famous, renowned, celebrated. KHOSROVANOUSH KHOSROVATOUGHD KHOSROVIG KHOSTIK KHOTCHAR KHOTCHODOUR KHOTSIK KHOUBESER KHOUBESSER

KHOUDABABian (P/T) Godfather. KHOUDABAKHSHian (P) God-given. The Armenian equivalent is ASDVADZADOURian. KHOUDAGOULian (P) God’s rose. KHOUDAVERDian (P/T) God -given. The Armenian equivalent is ASDVADZADOURian. KHOUGAS KHOUNGANian (P) Khondkar: lord, God. KHOUNOUNTZ ? KHOURDADJIan See KHOURDAJIan. KHOURDAJIan (T) (T) Scrap metal dealer. See HOURDAJIan. KHOURDOyan (T/TT) Wolf. KHOURMATian (P) Date (fruit). KHOUROUZ KHOURSHID KHOURSHOUDian (P) Sun. KHOURTADJIan


KHOYAN See KOY ? KHOYANKian KHOYETSIan (P/A) Native of city of Khoy, Iran. KHOYETSyan See KHOYETSIan KHOYLIan KHOZOZian KHRAKHOUNian KHRIMian ( ) Native of Crimea. KHTCHIKian KHTIKian KHUBELIan KHUDAVERDIan (P/T) Native of Khudaverdi in the Lake Urmia region KHURDADJIan See KHOURDAJIan. KHURDAJIan See KHOURDAJIan KHURDAVATCHIan (T) Seller of small wares, peddler, ironmonger. KHURSHUDian KHUSHABAyan KHZMALian (T) Adorned with a nose bead. KIAKACHO KIBARian (T/Ab) Refined, polite, well-bred, genteel; eminent persons, belonging to the upper class. KIBAS KIBRITJIan (T) Seller of friction matches. KICHAK KIDANian KIDANENAR KIDIK KIDISH KIELI KIL KILADJIan See KULUJIan; KILERJIan, KILEJIan. KILAGHBian (T) Kilab : dogs (?) KILAM KILARJI See KILERJIan KILBASHian KILECIan See KILEJIan KILEDJIan (T) See KILEJIan KILEJIan (T) Weighmaster.. Kile: measure of capacity just over a bushel. KILERCIan See KILERJIan KILERJIan (T) A kind of butler/housekeeper; pantryman. KILICARSLANian KILICIan See KULUJIan KILICyan See KULUJIan KILIDJIan See KULUJIan KILIJIan See KULUJIan KILIMian (T) Maker/seller of pileless carpets. KILIMJIan See KILIMIan. KILISLIan (T) Native of Kilis, KILISSian See KILISLIan KILJIan (T) Supplier of kil, fuller’s earth/clay used in cleaning cloth. KILLABian KILLEDJIan See KILEJIan KILLian ? KIMATian (Ab) Worthy; of value. KINASian KINASSian KINDJIan KINEBANIAN (T/A) Harboring a grudge KINEVARTian KINIGian KINOSian (A) Dim. of YEVKINEOSian KINOSSian See KINOSian. KINOyan (A) Dim. of KNARian KINT KIOUMEJI KIR KIRAJIan (T) Lessee, tenant, lodger. See KOURAJIan. KIRAKOS KIRAKOSS KIRAMEDJI KIRAMICH KIRAMIDZHian KIRAMIJIan KIRAZ KIRCIK KIRCORian See KRIKOEian. KIRDEMIR KIRECHJIan (T) Lime merchant, keeper of a lime depot, lime burner. KIREDJIan See KIRECHJIan KIREDZHyan See KIRECHJIan KIREGIAN See KIRECHJIan KIREJIan See KIRECHJIan KIREMEDJIan See KIREMITJIan KIREMIDJIan See KIREMITJIan KIREMITDJIan See KIREMITJIan KIREMITJIan (T) Tile maker; roof tile seller; tiler. KIRENian KIRETCHJIan See KIRECHian KIRICHian See KIRISHian KIRIJIan (T) Money-changer. KIRIKian KIRIMian See KHRIMian. KIRIMIZIan KIRISHian (T): Preparer/seller of sheep or catgut strings for violin, bow, or surgical sutures. KIRISHJIan See KIRISHian KIRITCHJIan See KIRECHIan KIRJIan See KIRAJIan KIRJILian (T) Kurchul: Sprinkled with gray. >? KIRKESELI KIRKLI KIRKORian KIRKOSian KIRKOYan KIRKYASHARian See KURKYASHARian. KIRLIan KIRMIZEian KIRMIZIOGLU KURMUZ: cochineal KIROZian KIRTan KIRTOGIian KISAGIan KISHian KISHISHian KISHMOian KISSOian KITABJIan (T) Bookseller KITISCHian KITSINian KIUDian KIULNAZARian See GULNAZARian KIUREGHian See GIUREGHian KIVIRian KIYAN KIZAKian KIZER See KZIRian KIZIR See KZIR. KJOYOMJIan KLAGian KLAJIan KLANian KLDJIan See KULUJIan. KLEDJIan KLENDJIan See KULUNJIan

KLETJIan KLIJIan KLOian KLOONGIan KLUDJI an See KULUJIan KLUJIan See KULUJIan KLURian KLUTCHian See KULUJIan KNAyan KNADJIan See KUNAJIan KNAJIan See KUNAJIan KNARian (A) Harp KNARIGian Diminutive if KNARian KNELian KNIAZian KNKOUSHian KNNABLIan KNOAyan KNOSian KNOUNI KNYAZian KOBJIan KOCian KOCAMANian See KOJAMANian KOCHIANian KOCHAKian (T) Brave, generous. KOCHARian Emigrant, transmigrant KOCHEKian KOCHian (T) Sturdy and plucky young man. KOCHIKian See KOCHian KOCHKANian KOCHKARian KOCHKERian KOCHOUNian KOCHUNian KOCIyan KODAVERDIan KODIKian KODJAyan KODJABABian KODJASSARian KODJIan KODJORian KODOKian KODZHOGLIan KODZIan KOEROGHLIan KOETELIan KOGHGARian KOHARian KOHARIGian KOHNELIan See KEUHNELIan. KOHVEKJIan KOJAyan (T) Old;ancient; large; great; famous. Husband; old man; elder.. KOJABABian KOJABASHian KOJAKian KOJAMANian (T) Huge, enormous/ KOJAOGLANian (T) Great or famous boy, servant, catamite. KOJASSARian KOJEyan KOJEKIAN See KOCHAKian KOJIan KOJIKian KOJOyan KOKIKian KOKCHIan (T) Herbalist. KOKORian KOKOZian KOKSHANian KOLAyan KOLANDJIan KOLANGIan KOLANJIan (T) Maker/dealer of broad bands or belts; binding round the bottom of a tent; rope of a swing. KOLCHAKian (T) Maker or seller of mittens, arm bands, armlets, cuff protectors KOLEGian KOLETAVITian KOLETAVIToglu KOLGIan KOLLIGian KOLOyan KOLOLIan ( ) Native of KOLTOUKDJIan KOLYAPAN (T) Kol: arm. Leg, shoulder; yapan: straighten, set right. Chiropractor. KOMESHian KOMIDISSian KOMIKIyan KOMJIan KOMOORian See KEOMOURJIan. KONian KONANian KONCHAGULian KONCHAUGULian KONDAyan KONDAKian See KOUNDAKJIan. KONDAKJIan See KOUNDAKJIan. KONDAYian KONDAZian KONDERAJIan See KUNDURAJIan KONDOURADJIan See KUNDURAJIan KONDOURAJIan See KUNDURAJIan KONDRAJIan See KUNDURAJIan KONIALIan KONILIan KONJOyan KONLIan KONSSOULIan KONSTANTian KONTCHEGUL KONYALIan (T) Native of Konya in Historic Armenia. KOOBATian (P/T) Koobat or kubat in Turkish means vulgar, coarse; common (accent on way of speaking). However when questioned closely on the historic pronunciation of his family name, Gregory Koobatian acknowledge that it was originally Khoobatian. This puts an entirely different face on it. Khub in Persian music good, an at in Turkish means horse. When the Persian word entered Turkish (probably in Ottoman times) the “kh” sound was preserved. But with the modernization of the Turkish language and alphabet “kh” was replaced with “h”. Thus you would get hub, which passes for love in Turkish Arabic, and Persian. The foregoing suggests two possibilities for the name: The owner of good or fine horses, or a lover of horses, as is the case with PILIBBOSian (Phil hippos). To which Gregory and Nadine (nee Sarajian) add the following comment: We are especially pleased that a “lover of fine horses” would marry the descendant of the Sarajians, the “saddlemakers.” KOOBIGian KOOCHAGian See KOUCHAGian. KOOHARian KOOLian KOOLAKian KOOLLOyan KOOLOyan KOOMian KOOMJIan KOOMRUyan See KOUMROUyan. KOONDAKJIan KOOSHian KOOSHOyan KOOTBEGian KOOYOOMJIan KOOYUMJIan KOOZOOJIan KOPian KOPALIan KOPOyan KOPOGHLU (T) Scoundrel, rat KOPOOSHian KOPOOSian KOPOYian (T) Sporting dog; hound. KOPUCHian KOPUZian A plucked instrument KORian KORAyn KORAJIan KORAKian KORANian KORDESOYian KORDian gnamol. Gin, as in wife or woman, and mol as in moli, fond Gortian. Nothing with Kord. In my book of names published in Yerevan in 2000 by Dikran Avedisian, I find Kortyan (we would spell it Kordian) ,.

The rendering of Kordyan in Avedisian's book is along Eastern Armenian lines. Although the first letter is keh, the fourth is diun, which is pronounced more like a t sound. The derivation is Turkish, but borrowed from Italian, where presumably cort is an abbreviation of corti or a truncation of corteggiamento, which means courtship.

In that same book I find Haydostyan, which is defined as kiugh Garsi marzi Oltii ogroukoum.

Kordoian is not a familiar name to me, but I have heard of the name Kordolian, which I don't have any data on either.

But, the suffix li suggests a native of a village named Kordo. And of course, the Armenian rendering would be Kordo without the li, or Kordotsi, plus the ian.


KORDZian KORDZAGADARian KOREKian KORENian See KHORENian KORESian KOREZOREGian KORGLUyan KORHAJIan KORHOUNian KORISian KORKian (A) Carpet weaver/seller. KORKEGIan See KORKian KORKOyan See KORKian KOROGHLIan See KEOROGHLOUyan KOROGHLUyan See KEORGHLOUyan. KOROGLUyan See KEOROGHLOUyan KOROMANian KORTMOSian KORTUNian KORUKCHIan (T) Bellows maker/operator; instigator, agitator. KORYUMian KORUKCHIan (T) Shovel maker/seller; KOSian Dim. of KEOSEyan. KOSEYAN See KEOSEyan KOSHian KOSHARian KOSHGARian KOSHGERian KOSHKAKARian See GOSHGAGARian KOSHKARian KOSHKERian KOSOYian KOSPIGian KOSROFian See KHOSROVian KOSSAYian KOSTAN ian KOSTEGian KOSTOGLIan KOTANJIan KOTCHian KOTCHIKian See KHACHIKian, KOCHIKian, KOCHAKian, KUCHUKian. KOTCHOLOSian KOTCHOUyan KOTCHOUNian KOTCHUNian KOTELIan KOTIKian KOTONian KOTOian KOTZian KOUBATIan (T) Vulgar, coarse; common (accent or way of speaking). See KOOBATian. KOUBELIan KOUBIGian KOUBIKian KOUBOUCHian KOUCHAGian See KOUSHAGian. KOUCHAKD See KOUCHAKJIan. KOUCHAKDJIan See KOUSHAKJIan KOUCHAKian See KOUSHAKJIan KOUCHOOKian See KEUCHEUKian. KOUDAKJIan KOUFEJIan (T) Maker/seller of large, deep baskets; porter (who carries goods in a basket on his head) KOUFTEJIan (T) Preparer/vendor of stuffed meatballs; blowhard, braggart, liar. KOUGASian See GHOUGASian KOUIOUNDDJIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUJAKian KOUJOUMJIan KOUKEyan KOULAJIan KOULAKJIan (T) Maker/seller of earflaps, earmuffs. KOULAKSEZian See KOULAKSOUZian. KOULAKSOUZian (T) Literally, without an ear; figuratively, having no ear for music. KOULANJIan See KOLANJIan KOULEYian KOULHANJIan (T) Coal tender for Turkish bath. KOULian KOULOyan KOUMian See KOUMJIan. KOUMian See KOUMJIan, KOUYOUMJIan. KOUMJIan (T) Sand, gravel.dealer, see KOUYOUMJIan. KOUMKOUMian (T) Kumkuma: narrow-necked vase or bottle; used in such expressions as esrar kumkumasi, one full of secrets; malumat kumkumasi, a mine of information. KOUMRian See KEOMOURJIan KOUMRIyan See KEOUMROUyan. KOUMRIGian (T) Dim. of KOUMROUyan. See Goumrigian. KOUMROUKian (T) Customs officer. KOUMROUyan (P) Kumri, (T) Kumru: Turtle-dove, ring-dove, noted for its plaintive cooing, and affectionate disposition. Inseparable lover. KOUMROYan See KOUMROUyan KOUNDAKJIan (T) Maker/dealer of swaddling clothes or gunstocks; incendiary; mischief maker. KOUNDOURAJIan (T) Shoemaker. KOUNGANian KOURAJIan (T) Military recruit or conscript; member of a committee charged with the drawing of lots for military service. KOURBANian (Ab) Victim, sacrifice. KOURBETian KOURBOUCHian KOURian Dim. of KOURKENian. KOURKENian (P) Brave as a wolf. KOURKJIan See KEURKJIan. KOURKLIan See KEURKLIan. KOURKOUNian KOUROUyan KOURTJIan KOUSANian (A) Minstrel. KOUSHAyan KOUSHAGian (A) Seer, soothsayer, fortune-teller.. KOUSHAGJIan See KOUSHAGian, KOUSHAKJIan. KOUSHAKian See KOUSHAKJIan KOUSHAKDJIan See KOUSHAKJIan KOUSHAKJIan (T) Belt/sash/girdle maker/seller. KOUSHAKOLJIan See KOUSHAKJIan KOUSHARian KOUSHian (T) Bird. KOUTCHEGOULianSee KEUCHEUKGOULian.. KOUTICHian See KOUTOUJIan. KOUTNOUyan KOUTOUJIan (T) Dealer in small boxes or cases. KOUTSOUZian KOUYian See KOYian KOUYMJIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUYOMDJIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUYOMJIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUYOUJIan (T) Well digger. KOUYOUMAJIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUYOUMDJIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUYOUMJIan (T) Jeweler KOUYOUMOGIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUYOUMOJIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUYOUNDJIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUYOUNGIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOUZian Dim. of KOUZOUJIan KOUZOUyan See KOUZOUJIan. KOUZOUGIan See KOUZOUJIan KOUZOUJIan (T) Sheep-herder; Mild man. KOUZOUKian KOVOUKTCHIan KOYan (T) Villager. KOYOMJIan See KOUYOUMJIan KOZAKian KOZANian ( ) Native of Sis KOZANLIan See KOZANian. KOZAyan KOZELian KOZMIyan KOZYBEYOKian See GOZBUYUKian. KRADJIan See KIRAJIan. KRAFian KRADJIan See KIRAJIan, KOURAJIan KRAJIAN See KIRAJIan, KOURAJIan KRAKARian KRAKASHian See KARAKASHian KRALian King? KRAMEDJIan See KIREMIDJIan KRAMIJIan (T) See KIREMIDJIan KRANian See GRANian. KRASHIan KRASKian KRATian See KRATLIan. KRATLIan Village? KRDIKian KREDian KREED ? KREKORian See KRIKORian KRICHian See KIRISHian KRICORian See KRIKORian KRIKian See KRIKORian KRIKORian (G) Krigoris: (Gregory) Awake, stay awake to watch KRIKORISian See KRIKORian KRIMian See KHRIMian KRISDINEyan KRISTAPORian (Gr) Christ bearer. KRISTian KRISTINian KRIyan KRKOURian See KRIKORian KRNEKLIan See KERNEKLIan. KROHANian KROLian KROLIyn KROMANOUKian KRYSTian KSACHIKian KSACHMANian KSACHUKian KSADJIKian KSADZHIKian KSAJIKian KSARJIan See KASSARJIan. KSAYian KSBOyan Dim. of KASBARian. KSPARian See KASBARian. KSPOyan Dim. of KASBARian. KUBATian See KOUBATian. KUBESRian KUBIan KUBIKian Dim. of KUBian KUBOOSHian KUCHUKian See KEUCHEUKian KUCHURSHIan KUCUKian See KEUCHEUKian KUDian See KUTian KUDANian (K) Var. of khudan: master, lord, patron. KUDUGULyan KUDURSHIan KUESBEGian (T/K) Küs: Easily offended, beg: Feudal lord KUFEJIan See KOUFEJIan . KUFTEJIan See KOUFTEJIan. KUIJUyan KUIMJIan See KOUYOUMJIan. KUIUMDJIan See KOUYOUMJIan. KUIUMGIan See KOUYOUMJIan. KUJian KUJAKian Breast, embrace, lap. KULian See GOULian. KULAHian KULAHJIan KULAHLIan KULAJIan KULAKSEZian See KOULAKSOUZian KULANDJIan See KOULHANJIan. KULANSHian KULBASHian KULEGian KULESERian KULEyan KULHANian See KOULHANJIan. KULHANBEYIan (T) A tough. KULHANDJIan See KOULHANJIan KULHANGIan See KOULHANJIan KULHANJIan See KOULHANJIan KULINGIan KULJIan KULKHANTANian ? (T) kul: slave, creature; formerly Janissary. Khan: sovereign, warehouse,factory; KULLUKian KULTCHEyan See KEULTCHEyan. KULUCHian See KUUJIan KULUDJIan See KULUJIan KULUFian (T) Vendor of sheaths, cases (pillow); sheather. KULUJIan (T) Sword or saber maker/dealer KULUKian KULUMGIan KULUNGIan See KULUNJIan KULUNJIan (T) One beset with colic, cramp, lumbago KUMKUMian See KOUMKOUMian. KUMRIyan See KOUMROUyan. KUMRUKian See KOUMROUKian. KUMRUyan See KOUMROUyan KUNian(T) Sheath of a sword, scabbard. KUNAJIan (T) Maker/seller of kuna (henna) KUNDAJIan See KOUNDAKJIan KUNDAKCIan KUNDAKJIan See KOUNDAKJIan KUNDUBEKian KUNDURAJIan See KOUNDOURAJIan. KUNTASHian KUPAian TROPHY. KUPALIan See KEUPELIan KUPELIan See KEUPELIan. KUPFRian KUPJIan KUPRIyan KURAJIan See KIRAJIan, KOURAJIan. KURAZian See KOURAJIan. KURBAJIan: (T) Maker/seller of water skins/bottles. KURBANian (Ab) Sacrifice, victim. KURBASHian (T) Maker/seller of horsewhips, whips, scourges. KURBUYUKian (T) Possessing a gray moustache. KURCERENian KURCHIan KURCHILan (T) Sprinkled with gray. KURDian KURDOGHLIan See KEOROGHLOUyan. KUREDJIan See KOURAJIan KUREGHian See GIUREGHian KUREGian See GIUREGHian, KOURAJIan KUREJIan See KOURAJIan KUREKCHIan See KEUREKCHIan. KURESTian KURGHINian KURian See KOURAJIan KURIyan KURJIan KURKian See KEURKJIan, KURKCHIan KURKCIan See KEURKJIan KURKDJIan See KEURKJIan KURKEDJI See KEURKJIan KURKGIan See KEURKJIan KURKJIan See KEURKJIan KURKLIan See KEURKLIan

KURKTIan KURKYASHARian (T) Forty cheers. KURMAJIan (T) Small grain or corn merchant; KURNAZian Wily ?. KUROGHLIan See KEOROGHLOUyan, KURTian KURTIGian (T/A) Little or dear wolf. KURTIKian See KURTIGian KURTIKyan See KURTIGian KURTJIan KURTLIan KURTOUSHian KURUMLIan ( ) Native of Aintab, Historic Armenia. KURUZian KURyan KUSEyan KUSHAKian See KOUSHAKJIan. KUSHDILIan KUSHIGian KUSHKARian See GOSHGARian. KUSian KUSSAJIKian KUTAHian See KUTAHYAyan KUTAHYAyan ( ) Native of Kutahya, Historic Armenia. KUTian (T) Luck, prosperity. KUTCHUKian See KOUCHOUKian KUTMERian KUTNERian KUTREyan KUTSUKian KUTUJIan See KOUTOUJIan KUTUKian KUTUMian KUYAMJIan KUYMETian (T) Worth or value. KUYOOMJIan See KOUYOUMJIan. KUYUJIan (T) Tobacco cutter; shore fisherman. KUYUMCian See KOUYOUMJIan. KUYUMDJIan See KOUYOUMJIan. KUYUMJIan See KOUYOUMJIan. KUZian KUZENian KUZIGian KUZIRian See KZIRian KUZOian See KOUZOUJIan KUZUJIan See KOUZOUJIan KUZUKian KVOUKSOURian KVRyan KYOURACHIan See KOURAJIan. KYOURAJIan See KOURAJIan. KYOUREJIan See KOURAJIan. KYOURICHIan See KOURAJIan KYOUROGHLIan (T) Plump. See KEOROGHLOUyan. KYOROKLIan See KEOROGHLOUyan KYUREGHian See GIUREGHian. KYURKCHIan See KEURKJIan. KYUTOUNian KYWFTERELIan KZIRian (A) Burgomaster, mayor of village. village headman’s helper.Also, an executor, a person who implements decisions of the higher governors of his office. KZLian KZOyan See KZIRian