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Commentary: The Genesis of TARCophobia - 2001

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The Genesis of TARCophobia
Commentary by C.K. Garabed
The Armenian Reporter Internationalv December 6, 2001

The Armenian Diaspora is the second front in the war for recognition of the Armenian Genocide. It must remain strong in order to add weight to Genocide recognition by European and other countries. However, the Diaspora is in danger of total assimilation, which would weaken, if not destroy, the weight that keeps the issue of Genocide recognition alive. If the Diaspora disappears, Armenia will be isolated. Therefore, it is imperative that the Diaspora not be weakened, and perhaps even be strengthened.

The Turks can afford to play a waiting game. Any success in stalling momentum of Genocide recognition will be to their credit. Therefore, assemblages such as the Turkish Armenian Reconciliation Commission, which put the Genocide on the back burner, are most welcome to the Turks, and even serve their purposes.