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Children of Armenia Charitable Fund (COAF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to empower rural Armenians through child-centered community development programs. Working mainly with children and youth, COAF implements education, health, social, and economic development programs to comprehensively address rural poverty. It has also undertaken the improvement of more than 100 infrastructures in villages, including renovation of schools, health clinics, kindergartens, community centers, school cafeterias, creativity labs, roads, and irrigation systems.

COAF Vision

All children of Armenia achieve their full potential and contribute to the advancement of the world around them.

COAF Mission

COAF provides resources to children and adults with COAF SMART initiatives to advance rural communities through innovation.

COAF History

It all began with a glass of water back in 2003, when COAF Founder & Chairman Garo Armen first travelled to his ancestral homeland Armenia. While visiting the village of Karakert, he asked an elderly man sitting on his front porch for a glass of water and was shocked to learn locals lacked access to clean water, being forced to purchase fresh water supplied from a nearby region. This encounter essentially laid the groundwork for what would become COAF.

Garo realized swift action needed to be taken to revitalize rural regions of Armenia. Karakert naturally became the first village community where COAF launched its efforts the following year, with the renovation of one of the local schools being the first major project implemented. COAF soon realized the needs in villages went beyond just infrastructure improvements, and created education, healthcare, social services and economic development programs designed with a community-based holistic approach in mind.

COAF remains committed to providing children, youth and their families with opportunities to realize their potential and reach for the stars. Empowering people living throughout rural Armenia, has brought about dramatic results in terms of individuals defining their own futures and being active participants in the ushering of a New Armenia after enduring many setbacks throughout history.

COAF started with one village in 2003 and today its innovative programs and infrastructure projects have changed the lives of over 107,000 people across 64 villages in 6 provinces of Armenia, with an overall investment of $50 million.

COAF Geography

COAF works across 64 communities in 6 regions (marzes) in Armenia: - Aragatsotn - Armavir - Gegharkunik - Lori - Shirak - Tavush

COAF Programs

There are two ways of Armenian rural community development that COAF implements since its inception: - Village programs - SMART programs

Village programs

COAF sees community development holistically, targeting economic and infrastructure development, to ensure people’s health and social-psychological stability and empowerment them through education.


Working closely with village schools, COAF creates an environment where students have opportunities to utilize their creativeness, critical thinking, and curiosity during and after studying at school. This is implemented trough after-school programs, capacity building and cereer development.

COAF Education Computer Science.jpg


COAF enhances the quality of primary health services in villages through programs that promote the well-being of the entire community. It provides large-scale medical services and also capacity building for local specialists.


COAF follows a holistic approach to child and family issues through multi-disciplinary services such as: - Social Work - Psychological Services - Speech Therapy - Drama Therapy - Child Development Corner


COAF Economic Development program focuses on business and infrastructure development of the villages, working closely with local government and the villagers.

SMART programs

COAF SMART is a development initiative for community and individual growth, an innovative way of improving the quality of life in the rural communities. COAF implements these programs in two specialized facility settings:


COAF SMART Center curriculum emphasizes novel teaching techniques, leveraging both project-based and action-based learning. it is based on "3H theory" - Head, Heart, Hand. The COAF SMART model is designed to be replicated throughout Armenia.

COAF SMART CENTER Lori Armenia.jpg


COAF SMART Rooms bring technology and innovation to the most remote communities. They offer communities a facility with technology and connectivity opportunities, with a friendly learning environment. SMART Rooms provide a space for extracurricular educational opportunities for community children, youth, and adults. There are currently 5 SMART Rooms in the Lori region and 3 in the Tavush region: - Arevatsag - Akori - Karinj - Mets Ayrum - Tumanyan - Aygehovit - Koti - Vazashen


The COAF SMART initiative is designed to advance a generation across the rural world through education, that will benefit individuals, the society and environment

Concept Hotel

Concept Hotel by COAF is a social enterprise that functions as a self-sustaining hospitality training initiative, where all hotel fees go towards charitable contributions to the Children of Armenia Fund It is part of the COAF SMART Campus located in the village of Debet, Lori Region of Armenia, and since it opened its doors in summer 2019, it has become one of the main destinations in the region for foreigners and locals. Not only does it have a unique architectural style that emphasizes the picturesque environment, it provides training and employment opportunities for members of the local community

Visitor Center Located on the junction of M6 and H22 roads, the COAF Visitor Center serves both educational and commercial purposes. On the way from Vanadzor to the Georgian border, it offers tourism related information both to service providers and the visitors to the Lori Region. Providing vital services such as being a charging point, from a phone to an electronic vehicle, and as a pit stop for information and a cup of high quality coffee, The Visitor Center brings much needed services to the highway system. The Visitor Center by COAF is open 7 days a week and 10 hours per day, year round, and is equipped with high speed internet and welcoming staff ready to guide visitors and motorists alike.

Conference Center The Conference Center is a SMART initiative social enterprise that is designed to be self-sustaining by generating revenue and that will be reinvested into COAF’s programs in the Region. It is currently under construction. Conference Center hopes to become the main regional venue for local and international organizations. Professional development and experiential opportunities are at the core of the Conference Center. It sets a new standard as a learning environment for the local communities of Lori, extending the COAF SMART Center capabilities.

Sport Complex The 29,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art Sport Complex is the next step in the development of the Lori SMART Campus, and will include several sport facilities- pool, gym, tennis court, cycling and running routes, both indoor and outdoor. The Complex will serve as a facility for the COAF SMART Center communities and its programs, as well as for guests of the Conference Center and the Concept Hotel. The Sports Complex will also be equipped to host international and national-level sports events, training and meetings.

Why COAF needs your help

The Children of Armenia are in urgent need of your support. Time is not on their side. The next five years will be critical for the children and youth of Armenia. Without our help there is a substantial risk that they will lose all hope and face an uncertain future. No generation with a broken spirit can be up to the challenge of competing in an ever-globalized economy nor with their neighbors in the region. The goal of the programs at COAF is to provide the basic infrastructure and training for these children, so that they can learn, as well as receive essential and preventative medical care. COAF programs are designed to strengthen and sustain the long-term viability for Armenia.

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