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[[Image:Canadian-flag.jpg|frame|The Canadian Flag]]
''For information on the history of the Armenian Canadian community in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, see [[Armenians in Ontario and Quebec]].''
''For information on the history of the Armenian Canadian community in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, see [[Armenians in Ontario and Quebec]].''
==Canada’s Trudeau Hails Democratic Change In Armenia==
October 12, 2018
Canada’s Prime Minister [[Justin Trudeau]] was full of praise for what he described as Armenia’s ongoing transition to democracy when he met with the country’s leaders in [[Yerevan]] late on Friday.
Trudeau held talks with Prime Minister [[Nikol Pashinyan]] and President [[Armen Sarkissian]] during his first-ever official visit to the South Caucasus country timed to coincide with a summit of French-speaking nations held in the Armenian capital. The talks were followed by an official dinner given by Pashinian.
“Right now around the world we see challenges in various democracies with the rise of populism, with politics of division, with challenges of countries moving further away from democracy,” Trudeau said at the dinner. “And here in Armenia you are moving strongly and proudly in the right direction, in the democracy direction.”
“The focus you, Nikol, have brought on connecting with people, on serving people and on empowering people through democracy and economic opportunities, but mostly through pride and confidence in the future they are building, is truly extraordinary,” he added.
According to the Armenian premier's office, Trudeau told Pashinian at their meeting earlier in the day that Canada, which has a thriving Armenian community, stands ready to help Armenia attract foreign investment and upgrade its public infrastructures.
In his opening remarks at the talks, the Canadian leader said he was “overwhelmed” by a warm reception he received in Yerevan. “Over these past days it’s been just wonderful to be so warmly welcomed and it’s a real pleasure to be here,” he said.
“The people of Canada & Armenia are at the heart of the special relationship between our two countries – and tie us together in so many ways,” Trudeau tweeted after the dinner with Pashinian and Sarkissian.
For his part, Pashinian lavished praise on Trudeau, saying that Armenians have “positive attitudes towards your country and you personally.” “I hope that the personal relationship established between us will help to elevate the already warm relations between our countries to a new level,” he said.
Pashinian, who came to power in May in what is widely regarded in Armenia as a democratic “velvet revolution,” then handed Trudeau a copy of the Armenian translation of the latter’s memoir published in 2014.
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Tim McGurrin, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 734 - 8876
Tim McGurrin, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 734 - 8876
Noyan Tapan News Agency, Armenia
Feb 14 2007
Canada released a stamp presenting the model of the Armenian Surb Khach
(Saint Cross) church to be newly built. It was turned out with a print
run of only 10 thousand copies and each of them costs 0.52 cent. As
Marmara states, the initiative belongs to priest Komitas Mirzakhanian,
the spiritual pastor of the Surb Khach Armenian Apostolic Surb Church
of Laval, Quebec, and to its Parish Council.
As a stamp of mentioning, it must be used in postal services of Canada,
America and in international ones.
The foundation stone of the church will be put soon.
===Armenian Square===
===Armenian Square===

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For information on the history of the Armenian Canadian community in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, see Armenians in Ontario and Quebec.


Philatelic News Release # 14-2001May 8, 2001 For immediate release
Canada Post to honor the first Christian nation in the world

OTTAWA - Throughout the centuries, the Church has been the pillar of many nations. During periods of occupation, persecution and oppression, the Church felt responsible for the education, cultural and social needs of people. In celebration of the 1700th anniversary of Armenia becoming the first Christian nation in the world, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Post, the Honorable André Ouellet is pleased to announce that a stamp will be issued on May 16 to commemorate this anniversary. The stamp will be available in panes of 16 stamps.

St. Gregory, known as Gregory the Illuminator, left an indelible imprint of the Armenian Church. He connected the King of Armenians to Christianity and in the year 301 A.D., it became the Armenian state religion. The church has been the rallying point during the most difficult and critical situations over this lengthy time period.

Today, approximately seven million Armenians are dispersed across the world and about 50,000 live in Canada. In the interest of strengthening their heritage and reinforcing their identity, Armenians have established their own social, cultural and sports centres in this country. Montreal has the largest Armenian community, followed by Toronto.

Stamp design is by Debbie Adams of Toronto. Ms. Adams' previous stamp projects include Expo'86 in Vancouver, Literacy in Canada, Canada's achievements in space (one contains a hologram), migratory wildlife, kite stamps and the Massey Foundation stamp in the Millennium Collection. As explained by Ms. Adams, the Armenian stamp includes a Khachkar or cross stone, an important element of the Armenian Church.

"Once I saw these incredible paintings and the beautiful carved stone crosses, and understood a little of the rich history of Armenians, the stamp practically designed itself. I chose to feature details of these artifacts on the stamp and divided the details with two lines, one horizontal and one vertical that coincidentally form a cross." The latter two images were provided by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts while the photo of the Khachkar is by Hrair Hawk Khatcherian, of Laval.

Stamps and First Day Cover products will be available at participating postal outlets, or by mail order from the National Philatelic Centre. From Canada and the USA call toll-free: 1-800-565-4362 and from other countries call: (902) 863-6550. Stamp information may also be found on Canada Post's Web site at: www.canadapost.ca

Commemorative envelope :

On May 18th, Canada Post will issue a commemorative envelope to mark the centennial of the Canadian Medical Protective Association, one of the country's oldest medical organizations. Founded in 1901, the CMPA defends doctors on issues arising in everyday practice. Its mandate is to be a non-profit medical defence organization whose raison d'être is to protect a member's professional integrity by providing services of the highest quality including legal defense, indemnification, risk identification, educational program and general advice. Incorporated by an Act of the Parliament of Canada in 1913, CMPA has over 60,000 active members representing the medical profession in Canada. The annual membership fees are the basis for a reserve fund to provide assistance to their members, if need arises. A Council comprised of elected Councillors from the various geographic regions of the country and from both general and specialty practice govern the Association. A total of 10,000 envelopes will be issued.Stamp specifications:

Date of Issue: May 16, 2001

Last Day of Sale: May 15, 2002

Denomination: 1 x 47 ¢

Printer: Ashton Potter

Layout: Pane of 16 stamps

Quantity: 3,000,000

Dimensions: 30.43 mm X 48 mm (vertical)

Perforation: 13+

Gum Type: PVA

Paper Type: Tullis Russell

Printing Process: Lithography (six colours)

Official First Day Cover Cancellation Site: TORONTO ON -30-

For further information, contact Margot Bertrand, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 734 - 8888 Tim McGurrin, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 734 - 8876

  • * *

Communiqué philatélique numéro 14-2001Le 8 mai 2001 Pour diffusion immédiate POSTES CANADA REND HOMMAGEAU PREMIER PEUPLE CHRÉTIEN DE L'HISTOIRE

OTTAWA - Au fil des siècles, l'Église a été le pilier de plusieurs nations. Durant les périodes d'occupation, de persécution et d'oppression, l 'Église s'est donnée pour mission de répondre aux besoins éducatifs, culturels et sociaux de la population. Il y a 1700 ans cette année, l' Arménie devenait la première nation à adopter le christianisme, et pour souligner cet anniversaire, le président-directeur général de Postes Canada, l'honorable André Ouellet, est heureux d'annoncer qu'un timbre sera émis le 16 mai prochain. Le timbre sera offert en feuillets de 16.

Saint Grégoire, que l'on surnommait l'Illuminateur, a profondément marqué l'Église arménienne. C'est en l'an 301 apr. J.-C. avec la conversion du roi Tiridates que l'Arménie adopte le christianisme comme religion d' État. L'Église a servi de point de ralliement pour traverser les situations les plus difficiles et les plus critiques.

On dénombre aujourd'hui quelque sept millions d'Arméniens dispersés dans le monde, dont environ 50 000 au Canada. Dans le but de protéger leur patrimoine et de renforcer leur identité, les Arméniens ont fondé, au pays, leurs propres centres culturels sociaux et sportifs. Montréal accueille la plus importante communauté arménienne; elle est suivie de Toronto.

Le timbre a été conçu par Debbie Adams, de Toronto. Mme Adams a réalisé la conception graphique des vignettes consacrées à Expo 86 (à Vancouver), à l'alphabétisation au Canada, à des réalisations canadiennes dans l'espace (dont une ornée d'un hologramme), à la faune migratrice, aux cerfs-volants et, dans le cadre de La collection du millénaire, à la vignette de la Fondation Massey. Comme l'a expliqué la conceptrice, le motif du timbre comprend un khatchkar (croix sculptée dans la pierre), un élément important de cette confession religieuse.

« Je me suis inspirée de la riche histoire arménienne et de ses magnifiques tableaux, croix sculptées dans la pierre et manuscrits, pour réaliser le timbre. J'ai choisi de présenter les détails de ces artefacts en les séparant par deux lignes, une horizontale et l'autre verticale, qui par pure coïncidence forment une croix ». Les deux illustrations ont été fournies par le Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal et la photographie du khatchkar a été réalisée par Hrair Hawk Khatcherian, de Laval.

On pourra se procurer les timbres et le pli Premier Jour officiel aux comptoirs postaux participants ou par commande postale auprès du Centre national de philatélie. Du Canada et des États-Unis, composez sans frais le 1 800 565-4362; d'autres pays, le (902) 863-6550. On peut obtenir plus de renseignements sur les timbres en consultant le site Web de Postes Canada : www.postescanada.ca

Enveloppe commémorative :

Le 18 mai prochain, une enveloppe commémorative sera émise pour marquer le centenaire de l'Association canadienne de protection médicale, l' un des premiers organismes médicaux du pays. Créée en 1901, l'ACPM assure la protection des médecins dans leurs activités quotidiennes. L'ACPM est un organisme de protection médicale sans but lucratif dont la mission consiste à protéger l'intégrité professionnelle de ses membres, en leur offrant des services de qualité supérieure en matière de défense juridique, d' indemnisation, d'identification et d'évaluation des risques, ainsi que des programmes éducatifs et des conseils généraux. Incorporée en vertu d'une loi du Parlement du Canada, en 1913, l'ACPM compte aujourd'hui dans ses rangs plus de 60 000 médecins pratiquant au pays. Les cotisations annuelles sont versées à un fonds de réserve grâce auquel l'Association peut aider ses membres en cas de besoin. Un conseil formé de membres élus, des généralistes et des spécialistes provenant des diverses régions du pays, régit l' Association. Au total, 10 000 enveloppes seront mises en circulation.

Données techniques :

Date d'émission : 16 mai 2001

Dernier jour de vente : 15 mai 2002

Valeur : 1 x 0, 47 $

Impression : Ashton Potter

Présentation : Feuillet de 16 timbres

Tirage : 3 000 000

Format : 30.43 mm x 48 mm (vertical)

Dentelure : 13+

Gomme : A.P.V.

Papier: Tullis Russell

Procédé d'impression : Lithographie (six couleurs)

Oblitération des plis Premier Jour officiels : TORONTO ON -30-

Pour d'autres renseignements, communiquez avec Margot Bertrand, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 734 - 8888 Tim McGurrin, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 734 - 8876

Armenian Square

The Record (Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario)
September 27, 2005 Tuesday Final Edition

Armenian was force behind Centre in the Square

Howard Dyck

In Lianne Elliott's Sept. 24 retrospective of the 25-year history of the Centre in the Square, 25 Years Of Entertainment; Region's Cultural Gem Celebrates A Milestone, she refers to Raffi Armenian as a "great centre supporter." That is surely the understatement of the year.

In fact, Armenian, with the support of strong community leaders, was the galvanizing force behind the construction of the centre.

Especially important is the fact that while the usual nay-sayers were stalling plans to begin construction, Armenian stuck to his guns.

The toll taken by particularly high inflation during the delay caused by political bickering resulted in a facility not quite what had originally been envisioned.

However, Armenian tenaciously insisted that the acoustics of the auditorium and the stage facilities would not be compromised. It is entirely appropriate that this peerless concert hall is named after him.

The article quite rightly describes the centre as one of the best concert halls in the world.

But in its pop-dominated list of performers who have appeared there, it neglects to mention some of the world's greatest musical artists who have graced the centre's stage: tenors Jon Vickers and Ben Heppner, conductor Lorin Maazel and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, violinist/conductor Yehudi Menuhin, contralto Maureen Forrester, soprano Measha Brueggergosman, the Arnold Schoenberg Choir of Vienna, to name just a very few.

Howard Dyck
Artistic Director and Conductor
Kitchener Waterloo Philharmonic Choir

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Genocide Recognition

Armenian National Committee of Canada Ottawa, ON 130 Albert St., Suite 1007 Ottawa, ON KIP 5G4 Tel. (613) 235-2622 Fax (613) 238-2622


April 21, 2006 Contact: Aris Babikian (613) 235-2622

The Government of Canada Recognizes the Armenian Genocide

Ottawa - On the eve of 91st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, The Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, on behalf of the Government of Canada, issued a statement recognizing the Armenian Genocide. The statement brought the policy of our executive branch of government on the Armenian Genocide in line with the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada resolutions.

This is the first time that the head of the Federal Government in Canada has issued such a policy statement on the Armenian Genocide. By issuing the statement the Prime Minister and the government steadfastly upheld their previous stand during the House of Commons debate and vote on Motion M-380. Furthermore, the Government statement honoured not only the memories of the victims of the Armenian Genocide but also the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Canadians. In addition to the Canadian Senate and the House of Commons, the three largest provinces (Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia) also recognize the Armenian Genocide. In his statement, issued to the Armenian National Committee of Canada, the Prime Minister stated:

`I would like to extend my sincere greetings to all of those marking this sombre anniversary of the Medz Yeghern.

Ninety-one years ago the Armenian people experienced terrible suffering and loss of life. In recent years the Senate of Canada adopted a motion acknowledging this period as `the first genocide of the twentieth century,' while the House of Commons adopted a motion that `acknowledges the Armenian genocide of 1915 and condemns this act as a crime against humanity.' My party and I supported those resolutions, and continue to recognize them today.

We must never forget the lessons of history, nor should we allow the enmities of history to divide us. The freedom, democracy, and human rights enjoyed by all Canadians are rooted in our mutual respect for one another.

I join with you today in remembering the past I encourage you to continue honouring your forefathers by building a bright future for all in Canadians.'

Dr. Vagharch Ehramdjian, chairman of the Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC), said: `The Prime Minister's and his government colleague's moral fortitude demonstrates once again that truth and justice will prevail over short term economic gains or political expediency. The Prime Minister's statement is a clear massage to the despots of the world that Canada and the free world will not tolerate genocide and ethnic cleansing.'

For over 30 years the ANCC and its regional chapters have worked diligently to keep the Armenian Genocide issue on the agenda of the Canadian government and make it an important part of the public and political discourse in our country.


The ANCC is the largest and the most influential Canadian-Armenian grassroots political organization. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and supporters throughout Canada and affiliated organizations around the world, the ANCC actively advances the concerns of the Canadian-Armenian community on a broad range of issues.

Regional Chapters Montréal- Toronto - Laval - Vancouver - Ottawa - Hamilton - Cambridge St. Catharines - Windsor

PRESS RELEASE Armenian National Committee of Canada Ottawa, ON 130 Albert St., Suite 1007 Ottawa, ON KIP 5G4 Tel. (613) 235-2622 Fax (613) 238-2622

April 24, 2006

Contact: Aris Babikian

(613) 235-2622

Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs Reaffirms Government Policy on Armenian Genocide, House Of Commons Observes a Minute of Silence

Ottawa--The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Peter Mackay, in response to Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis's (Scarborough-Agincourt) question, reaffirmed today Canadian Government's policy on the Armenian Genocide.

Last Friday the Prime Minister of Canada issued a policy statement, recognizing the Armenian Genocide. During today's debate, Mackay stated that the Government reaffirmed the motions of the Senate of Canada and the House of Commons, recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

At the end of the Question Period the Speaker of the House invited the members of the House to observe a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. All four party leaders were present during the minute of silence observance.

Earlier in the day a delegation from the Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) and its regional chapters, headed by Hagop Der Khachadourian, ANCC International, and Archbishop Khajak Hagopian, prelate of the Armenian Church of Canada, visited the Armenian Embassy to lay a wreath at the monument dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Later the charge de' affaires of the embassy, Michael Vartanyan, joined Armenian community leaders to attend the House of Commons session where Genocide affirmation statements were made by the representative of all political parties. MP Gary Goodyear (Cambridge) spoke on behalf of the governing Conservative party; Raymonde Folco (Laval-Les Iles) spoke on behalf of the Liberal Party, and Nicole Demers (Laval) on behalf of Bloc Québécois.

The successes of the past few weeks were attained largely due to the tireless efforts of the ANCC and its regional chapters. In the passed month ANCC delegates met with representatives of the Government and other parties to co-ordinate the commemoration of the 91st anniversary of the Genocide. Today's affirmation by the Minister of Foreign Affairs was the third declaration, within a week by the Government, acknowledging the historical reality of the Armenian Genocide.


The ANCC is the largest and the most influential Canadian-Armenian grassroots political organization. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and supporters throughout Canada and affiliated organizations around the world, the ANCC actively advances the concerns of the Canadian-Armenian community on a broad range of issues.

Regional Chapters Montréal- Toronto - Laval - Vancouver - Ottawa - Hamilton - Cambridge St. Catharines - Windsor