Boghos Snabian

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BOGHOS SNABIAN is an auther, writer, editor, and a critic. He was born in 1927 in the village of Bitias, Musa Dagh. He is the son of Margos Snabian and Mariam Keshishian. His father, Margos, was a "fedayi" who fought for the freedom of Musa dagh and later joining the Armenian company of the French Army's Foreign Legion shared in the victory of the battle of Arara in 1918.

Boghos Snabian received his education first in Bitias, then in Anjar's "Harach" school, and finally in the "Jarankavorats" Armenian monastic compound of Jerusalem, where he became the pupil of the great Hagop Oshagan, who changed his life forever.

Snabian's first article was "Dagh Drdmoutian" in 1948. He signed numerous articles and dissertations in different Diasporan newspapers. He published "Michnapert" (an annual publication) for two years . In 1962 he joined the editorial staff of the monthly literary magazine "Pakine" with Garo Sassouni and Yetvart Boyadjian, while working in the daily newspaper "Aztag".

In 1965 he married Aghawni Varjabedian and they had two daughters and a son.

Snabian has published more then 10 books: "hegapokhoutian hamar" (1956), "Verchin Arar" (1958), "Avazakhratz nave" (1964), "Yes Ait Shounn em" (1966 and 1992), "Gorsdagan Touyner" (1970), "Aghkadneroun Avantoutiune" (1983), "Michnarar 5" (1992), "Inchbes Hayhoyem" (1990), "Haysmavourk" (1997).

Snabian lives in Beirut. He is the editor-in-chief of "Pakine". Also, he is a lecturer of Armenian Literature in Hamazkayin's "Hayakidagan" (Armenian Studies) college.