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An independent weekly Armenian-American newspaper, with heavy coverage of community news, U.S. and international politics as they relate to Armenians; Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh; and Armenians in arts, culture, and entertainment.

The Armenian Reporter has offices in Yerevan and Minneapolis. It also has staff in Washington.

An Eastern U.S. edition has a reported circulation of 4,000 copies (March 2008). A Western U.S. edition has a reported circulation of 31,000 copies (March 2008). An Armenia edition was introduced in October 2009.

The newspaper is available at no cost at[1]. Mail subscriptions are also available.

Editors and correspondents


The Armenian Reporter was published by Armenian Reporter LLC. Gerard L. Cafesjian was president and chief executive officer until his passing.

Vincent Lima served as publisher, and Justin Kalemkiarian, based in Minneapolis, was the office manager.

The editor under Cafesjian's ownership was first Vincent Lima[2], based in Yerevan. Associate Editor Maria Titizian[3] also based in Yerevan; writing a fortnightly column, "Living in Armenia." Emil Sanamyan[4] serving as Washington editor, and writing a weekly column, "Washington Briefing." The community news editor, based in Minneapolis, was Lou Ann Matossian[5].

Also based in the Yerevan office were the art director, Grigor Hakobyan; assistant to the editor Seda Stepanian; and senior correspondent Tatul Hakobyan[6].

The newspaper stopped being printed on paper and become an online only publication after a few years, with Emil Sanamyan becoming the editor at that time.


Edward K. Boghosian (1927–2006) established the Armenian Reporter in New York City in 1967. The first issue appeared on November 2. It grew quickly and maintained the highest paid circulation among Armenian-American newspapers in the Eastern U.S. Mr. Boghosian sold the newspaper in May 2006.

The newspapers final closing came on December 16, 2014 with the following post on the website:

Reporter closing

To Our Readers and Contributors:

Published: Tuesday December 16, 2014
To Our Readers and Contributors:

The Cafesjian Foundation has taken a difficult decision to close The Armenian Reporter. We regret that we are forced to take this decision after more than eight years of publishing. We thank our readers and all individuals who have contributed to the Reporter.

Kathleen Cafesjian Baradaran
Chair, Cafesjian Family Foundation