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Armenian Officials Murdered By Turks -nyt19150930

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September 30, 1915

Confirmation from Cairo of the Wholesale Atrocities That Von Bernstorff Belittles

London, Sep 29 -- The Cairo correspondent of The Times in a dispatch dated Sep 27 says:

Confirmation has reached here of reports of Armenian atrocities of a nauseating and appalling character. Undoubtedly, as on previous occasions, these outrages have been engineered from Istunbul [Constantinople]. There is reason to believe that the attack on the Armenians was decided upon on Enver Pasha's return after his repulse in the Caucasus, when he appeared to be infuriated against the Armenians because they had greatly assisted the Russians.

Talaat Bey evidently seized the opportunity to retaliate upon the defenseless colonies in Asia Minor. The formula adopted as a cloak was an order for the expulsion of the Armenians and their deportation to centers in the interior. Resistance or delay in compliance with the order was made the excuse for murder, rape, and other savageries.

One instance in which leading Armenians were concerned shows the fate awaiting even those who obeyed the order. Vartkes Effendi and Zohrab Effendi, two prominent members of Parliament; Aghnuni one of the chief Dashnakists; Haladjian Effendi, ex-Minister of Public Works and Agriculture, were put in a carriage at Urfa for conveyance to Diarbekir, and then were murdered en route, their escort reporting that the murders were the work of brigands. Vartkes was but recently recipient of marks of Talaat Bey's friendship.

Refugees from Suedia now at Port Said appear to have fought most valiantly. When the deportation order came 4,800 of these took to the hills, where they resisted for seven weeks, one attack of the Turks lasting continuously for twenty-six hours. It is believed that Armenians elsewhere are resisting, but the case of the inland colons is almost hopeless.

The nature and scale of the atrocities dwarf anything perpetrated in Belgium or under Abdul Hamid, whose exploits in this direction now assume an aspect of moderation compared with those of the present Governors of Turkey. Talaat Bey, when ordering the deportation said:

After this, for fifty years there will not be an Armenian question.

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