Armenian-Tatar massacres

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The resistance of the Armenians in Baku is described by Victor Berard in his book: “The attacks against the Armenians in Baku started on February 19, 1905 and turned into downright massacre during February 20-21. The Armenians requested the support of the Russian government, but the local government, which was in collaboration with the Tatars, refused to intervene. So the Armenians of Baku were forced to defend their own destiny. On February 21, the Armenian young men, armed with grenades and rifles which they had hastilygathered, marched towards the streets and quarters which were controlled by armed Tatar bands. The Russian forces, which until that moment refused to intervene and were only spectators of the events, now tried to disarm the Armenians who were thereby forced to fight on two fronts, in other words, to escape being arrested and simultaneously fight the aggressors. Despite this difficult situation, they managed to launch an offensive. At the end of the day, the Tatars were driven away from all the streets around the Armenian church and the city railway station. The following day, the Armenians continued to the other quarters in the city and dispersed all Tatar bands on their way. The acts of vengeance were bloody and Tatar corpses in the streets were increasing in number for each hour that passed. Thus the Tatar leaders turned to the ruler of the city and begged him to put an end to the fighting.” [1]


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