Ararat Sarkissian

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Ararat Sarkissian (Արարատ Սարգսյան) is a Yerevan based artist who works with many mediums.

Two of his larger projects have been "where to find paradise", and a set of paper reproductions of Jugha khachkars. Where to find paradise is a set of oil on canvas paintings of various Armenian towns in Western Armenia that were completely emptied of Armenians during the Armenian Genocide. The khachkar project was inspired by the destruction of thousands of the finest examples of khachkars in existence by the Azerbaijani government in Jugha, in an attempt to wipe out traces of the historic Armenian presence there. This was at the time the biggest such collection of these cross-stones in the world, which are a unique Armenian art-form. Ararat made a set of 36 paper khachkars, and includes video of the history and destruction of the graveyard, followed by the recreation (from archival photos) of 36 representative khachkars in his studio. The number 36 is chosen as representing the original 36 letters of the Armenian alphabet.