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[[Category:Armenian Individuals|Baloian, Antranik]]
[[Category:Armenian Individuals|Baloian, Antranik]]
[[Category:Genocide Survivors|Baloian, Antranik]]
[[Category:Genocide Survivors|Baloian, Antranik]]

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Antanik Baloian was born in Kharpert but the family was from Palu. They fled Palu in 189... after the first genocide attempt, because their house was attacked. The family returned to Palu in 1910 and reconstructed the house and the fruit garden. He went to the armenian school in Palu (there is a book about the armenians in Palu before 1915 and there are some photos from the school children, in one of them Antranik can be seen). After most of his family was killed in 1915 on a day when the sun was eclipsed (does anyone knows this date ?), he eventually reached Aleppo and then France - Argentina and finally Chile. He is now about 96 but he has still a clear head (sometimes I think he is much more lucid than my father or my brother) and he calls me almost every day to hear the news from armenia. He worked his whole life for the armenian cause and he still is very concerned with everything happening there.

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