Alexander Tamanian

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Name in Armenian Ալեքսանդր Թամանյան
Birthplace Yekaterinodar
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Birth date 4 March 1878
Death date 1936/02/20
Death year 1936
Profession Architect
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Eastern Armenian
Statue of Tamanyan in Yerevan, with the Cascades behind.

An architect in Soviet times, Tamanian was the city architect of Yerevan. His plan, intended for a city of a couple of hundred thousand residents, has since been mushroomed into a metropolis of over 1 million. The center bears his firm imprint however, as he came up with the wide avenues, the ring roads and the numerous parks. Even the brand new pedestrian Northern Blvd in the heart of the center is part of his original plan. An example of a building he has designed is the Yerevan Opera house, which has won awards for it's design, which combines two venues in one building.

Tamanian is buried with other artists and intellectuals at the Pantheon in Yerevan.

Tamanyan's 1924 plan for Yerevan. ©