Ablepharus chernovi

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<Rare and Endangered Animals of Armenia

Animal in Armenia

Չեռնովի մերկաչք (“Chernovi merkachk”)


Rare species. Included in the Red Book of the former Soviet Union.

Habitat in Armenia

Inhabits stony habitats in mountain steppe zone along the Rivers Hrazdan and Kasakh, around villages Teghenik, Karashamb, Arzakan, and Bjni as well as on the "Arai Ler" mountain.

Number in the wild

Not more than 1 – 2 specimens per square kilometer. The overall number is approximately 300 specimens.

Reasons for decrease in number

Use of the territories for economic purposes.

Number in captivity

Is not kept in the zoos of the former Soviet Union.

Measures of protection taken

Special measures are not developed.

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