5 days in Yerevan

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If you have only 5 days in Armenia and for business or other reasons must stay in the capital city of Yerevan, there is still quite a bit to see and do.

Whichever Saturday or Sunday is included in your trip should be spent at Vernissage.

DAY 1 (assuming that your jet lag has subsided)

Breakfast at ArtBridge

Republic Square walk National Art Gallery and History Museum

Walk Northern Avenue to Opera

Get lunch at X

Afternoon at X

Dinner at X


Breakfast at X

Complete some Yerevan walks!

Dinner on Broshyan


Haghtanak Park (Victory Park) - great place to relax one afternoon (if the temperature isn't too hot!). It's also where the Mayr Hayastan statue stands.

Matenadaran - one of the world's largest repositories of ancient manuscripts.


Sergei Parajanov House-Museum - a true pleasure, with its eclectic mix of objects which only someone like Parajanov could produce.


Tsitsernakaberd - the monument commemorating the victims of the Armenian Genocide. It is located at the top of Tsitsernakaberd Park, where you could also find the Genocide Museum.