2020 September 28

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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Sep/28/2020 wrap-up: \\ September War in Karabakh-Artsakh \\ Azerbaijan sustains colossal human & equipment damages, censors media; death toll rises on both sides \\ Armenians shoot jet and drones \\ areas liberated \\ volunteer movement across diaspora \\ world responds \\ chronological details...
by ar_david_hh

This is your daily semi-chronological report with a collection of all the notable events and footage.

Read yesterday's report here.

September Battles / night of 28th

Context on how the large-scale attack was launch on Artsakh borders yesterday.

A video showing what could be Syrian mercenaries imported to Azerbaijan with the help of Turkey. There were reports of them chanting Arabic phrases.


Syrian organization "Human Rights Organization - Afrin" published the names of 7 Syrian groups that were sent to Azerbaijan and the number of soldiers that died during the September 27 clashes.

Each group sustained dozens of losses. The organization has also published names of independent Syrian mercenaries not part of the aforementioned groups. Armenian govt-run media agency has earlier reported 81 losses among Syrian mercenaries.

https://168.am/2020/09/27/1373904.html , https://t.me/wargonzo/3476

The aftermath of a failed Azeri advancement. Armenian soldiers extracting equipment from the dead bodies.

NSFW video: https://twitter.com/i/status/1310328463727894528

Yesterday Armenia announced 16 deaths and 100 wounded and said over 200 Azeris were killed. An Azeri outlet later reported the loss of 410 Azeri soldiers.

Journalist: "... Azerbaijan blocked internet for own citizens, published almost no data on casualties. Complete silence." https://twitter.com/517design/status/1310323947163054082

Video of an unexploded Azeri missile:


A pregnant Armenian woman was wounded yesterday. She and the baby are fine. She gave birth to a boy and named her Monte. 💋

https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/196915 , https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/197047

Interview with the man who lost his child and mother in law during the Azeri attack:


During a press conference, the Artsakh army gave away candy they "confiscated" from the [deceased] Azeri soldiers.


2:50 am: The flag of Artsakh Republic was projected on the Mother Armenia statue in the Victory Park in Yerevan. Hashtag WeWillWin.


3:21, Artsakh President: Azerbaijan failed to realize its plans. And yes, it was a pre-planned offensive. Azerbaijan has 100s of casualties, tanks and equipment. Armenian forces fully control the situation along the Line of Contact.


3:23 ARM gov: many Artsakh civilians spent the night in bomb shelters.

Photo: https://twitter.com/armgov/status/1310356643746664458?s=09


Russian WarGonzo military reporters say Azeri forces, under the cover of Turkish drones, tried to unsuccessfully take the northern freeway connecting Armenia and Artsakh. Armenian forces destroyed the Azeri column but the road is currently closed because part of it was damaged by Turkish drone attacks. The second road is being used.

https://t.me/wargonzo/3477 , https://t.me/wargonzo/3478


world response

U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone condemned the escalation by Azerbaijan and Turkey. "We need to take steps to hold the two aggressors accountable."


U.S. Congressman Bred Sherman: We must condemn this aggression and urge Baku to cease offensive military action and return to the peace table. We should halt military aid to Azerbaijan and urge Turkey to abstain from sending arms or fighters.


U.S. State Department condemned "external powers" (cough Turkey cough) for escalating the situation in the region.


President Donald Trump says they're closely monitoring the situation will try to establish a ceasefire.


U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned Russia for selling weapons to both countries, urged for installation of ceasefire monitoring mechanisms, and called for the U.S. to make sure the American weapons aren't used for attacks.


Russian govt outlet Channel 1 had a neutral coverage. Russian opposition Rain TV's analyst accused Azerbaijan of starting the war, citing reports of prior preparation, civilian vehicle collections, Turkish meddling, etc.


2 Azeri missiles fell in Iranian territory: https://factor.am/288113.html

September Battles / morning of 28th

early morning Azeris resumed the war across the border in the morning. Russian reporter posted a video of Armenian reinforcements traveling to the capital Stepanakert. Several ambulance vehicles are seen on the highway.

https://t.me/wargonzo/3480 , https://t.me/sashakots/16968 ,

Armenia sustained 15 more losses and 100 wounded (total 31 deaths, >100 wounded), Azerbaijan has >200 losses as of yesterday.


Video of an [unexploded?] SMERCH missile fired by Azerbaijan:


7:39: a rumor circulated from a sketchy Azeri social media outlet that an Azeri general Mais Barkhudarov was captured by Armenians last night. He is a major figure and was promoted as general after April 2016 bates. No official sources confirmed the rumor.

What do we know so far? General Barkhudarov was promoted and was leading the Azeri 2nd corps. Yesterday, the Armenian army reported capturing Azeri vehicles belonging to 2nd corps after a counter-attack.

Later, Armenia officially denied capturing the general but said they haven't identified all the dead Azeri bodies after last night's battles, so the general's body could, in theory, be among them.

https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/196921 , https://twitter.com/517design/status/1310467943310950401?s=19 , https://azertag.az/en/xeber/President_Ilham_Aliyev_viewed_newly_built_school_in_Jojug_Marjanli-1073506 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029163.html, https://factor.am/287679.html

8:10: Artsakh president posted a photo with volunteers. "They are one of the hundreds of our volunteer groups that have been going to the front lines since yesterday. This is the phenomenon of the invincibility of our people. The victory will undoubtedly be ours. Glory to the Armenian people."


8:17 ARM Army: we scored significant successes last night. The Azeri reports about our losses are exaggerated. It's still tense. There is an ongoing artillery battle.

Artsakh president: Last night our Army carried out several brilliant military operations. We recovered several lost positions and advanced in other instances. I'm proud and thankful to our army for the high spirit and readiness.

https://news.am/arm/news/604526.html , https://news.am/arm/news/604540.html

8:22: Artsakh is preparing for a.... major construction project? Every excavator, bulldozer, and crane operator with experience shall report to the Ministry of Urban Development.


8:36: Armenian army reports successes in all 3 regions (south, north, north-east). Several positions, which Armenians lost yesterday, were liberated. Azeris sustained heavy casualties.

A video containing a blurred out footage of several dozen Azeri soldiers who were killed during these fights. It includes at least one Captain:

NSFW video: https://youtu.be/lR5NbauENY8 , https://t.me/reartsakh/3545 , https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/196930

8:57: Orbeli research center says they have a source that revealed the names of many Azeri dead soldiers, many of whom went unreported. Orbeli posted a "fraction" of the list containing 22 names and where they were killed.


9:02: Russian outlet WarGonzo, citing its sources in Istanbul, says Turkey is preparing to send its "Brigade of Commandos" to directly aid Azerbaijan, due to Azerbaijan's failed blitzkrieg yesterday.



Before we continue... what's happening around the world today?

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez condemned the Azeri attack and called it yet another planned aggression by Turkey. "Trump administration should end the security aid to Azerbaijan."


Russian MFA is in touch with the Turkish MFA about the escalation.


Francophone chairwoman Louise expressed support for Armenia.


A group of Armenian NGOs wrote a report titled "corruption leads to war" in which they talk about Aliyev's lengthy rap sheet of corruption, his disregard for Armenian and Azeri human rights, and violations of Vienna conventions during wars.


Austrian MP Gudrun Kugler urged the international community to broker peace after "the attack on ethnic Armenian villages" in Artsakh.


Ukrainian MP Artem Dmitruk expressed willingness to travel to Armenia and help the Armenian people.


European MP Lars Patrick Berg condemned the Azeri aggression with the help of Turkey and urged the world to unite and force Azerbaijan to stop.


European EPP MP Michael Galler and S&D MP Tonino Picula urged Azerbaijan to immediately stop the war and return to the negotiating table.


Several Greek diplomats expressed support for Armenia:


Forbes wrote an article about Turkey using its TB2 Bayraktar drones in Artsakh:


European MP Charlie Weimers criticized the "Azeri dictator":


European Parliament's largest EPP party has called for a ceasefire and a return to pre-September 27th positions.


U.S. Congressman Bred Sherman called for the US to end military aid to Azerbaijan.


Ethnic Kurdish QP MP Knyaz Hasanov, citing Turkey's "genocidal mistreatment of Kurds", called for the Kurds in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq to support Armenia to prevent the Turkish-Azeri aggression.


MFA Mnatsakanyan has been giving interviews to French, Arabic, and other outlets since yesterday. He condemned Turkey's involvement and Azeri aggression.


Reuters wrote an article speaking about the Syrian mercenaries that Turkey transported to Azerbaijan. Two of these mercenaries revealed how they were picked up from northern Syria. They are being paid $1,500/mo.


Turkey accused OCSE of inaction and said "the conflict should be resolved now". He accused Russia, the US, and France of not doing anything for 30 years.

Russian Parliament's foreign affairs committee MP Elena Panina accused Erdogan of pouring fuel on the fire. "He wants to preserve his **strong** image but he should know that this conflict isn't beneficial for Turkey, either."

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029262.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029293.html

European Court for Human Rights has accepted Armenia's petition against Azerbaijan for the bombing of civilians. It'll be discussed in an expedited manner. Armenia wants Azerbaijan to stop shelling civilians.


Dutch nationalist MP Greet Wilders compared Erdogan to a terrorist, called for Turkey to be kicked out of NATO, compared Azerbaijan with thugs, and urged for "support for Christian Armenian friends."


Belarus/CSTO struck a more neutral tone this time, unlike in 2016 when they "sided" with Azerbaijan. Today they "sincerely asked" both sides to end the bloodshed. (but why didn't Pashinyan become a Belorussian opposition activist last month? /s 🤔 )


CSTO military bloc called for an immediate ceasefire. Critics accused the bloc of being slow. "Even NATO condemned the escalation hours after it began."


A 6-minute collection of how world media is covering the war.


The Turkish Lira has been plummeting recently. It dived another 1.5% this morning against U.S. Dollar, reaching 7.79₺ for $1.

The BRENT oil price is at $42, much lower than what Azerbaijan had anticipated for balancing its 2020 budget.


Saudi Arabia placed an embargo on Turkish products (for other reasons). They are pressuring Saudi companies to stop trade with Turkey, under the threat of penalty. Saudis are told not to travel to Turkey.


Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict spirals out of control and turns into a keyboard battle between Indians and Pakistanis. Pakistan supports Azerbaijan for jihadist reasons. Some Pakistani internet users thought just because their Govt does it, they should do, too. When Indians noticed that their foe Pakistanis support Azerbaijan, they began keyboard-ing for Armenia. Is this how WW3 begins? 🤔



back to the military events

9:20 am: WarGonzo military journalists went to Artsakh villages near the border.

Aftermath video: https://t.me/wargonzo/3492

9:32: the reported losses as of right now: Armenia 31 dead, >100 wounded. There are also reports of several tanks, missile units, and vehicles being destroyed, but the accurate number is unknown for now.

Azerbaijan: >200 losses. 4 helicopters. 27 drones. 36 tanks and infantry combat vehicles, 2 armored engineering vehicles, 11 armored vehicles.


The Azeri govt is hiding the names of dead soldiers to conceal the true numbers, but Azeri civilians report it themselves whenever there are things such as a funeral. Razminfo scrapped a list of 27 names from social media by using just this method.


9:50: the govt recently passed a law allowing Healthcare Ministry to control private clinics during an Emergency. The Ministry issued an order to all medical centers across Armenia to provide only urgent care so there will be enough free beds if necessary.


10:08 ARM army: the Azeri claims that we have hundreds of deaths is a lie. We published the names of all who died.


10:42 ARM army: Azeris panicked after sustaining large human and technical losses in the south and used large-caliber TOS missiles ineffectively. They're lying about heavy Armenian losses.

Video of Azeri TOS: https://t.me/reartsakh/3557



10:45 ARM: Azerbaijan is shelling the civilians in Artsakh's Martuni city.


10:48: WarGonozo journalist went to the frontline and discovered remnants of a downed Azeri flying object. They couldn't identify what it was but they assumed it was part of a jet.

Video: https://t.me/wargonzo/3496 , https://t.me/wargonzo/3497

11:11 ARM army: the number of wounded went from 100 yesterday to 200 today.


11:12 ARM army: please stop spam-calling your friends and relatives in Artsakh. It has overloaded the local Telecom network which can damage our efforts. If your soldier-son connects to a cellphone while in the frontline, his position could be exposed by the enemy tech. (a foreign journalist was unable to call to Artsakh due to the network being down.)



11:16: Armenia will not ask the CSTO military bloc for help, said Armenian ambassador.


11:38: Azerbaijan is doing a [partial] army draft, too.


12:12: one of the fallen Armenian soldiers was Hasmik Arzumanyan. She was from Noravan village. Today a female Armenian Parliament MP asked the army to enlist her.


12:27: video of a downed Azeri drone being collected by Armenian villagers from a field. #բերքահավաք


13:31: first lady Anna Hakobyan visited bomb shelters in the capital Stepanakert to meet the locals. A boy celebrated his 6th birthday in a shelter last night.

Photos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029215.html

13:48 Armenian MFA: Artsakh is fighting against the Azeri-Turkish alliance. Turkey is directly involved and is supplying personnel and equipment. They are helping Azerbaijan to continue the century-old genocidal activities in the South Caucasus. The Turkish-Azeri murderous alliance is a threat to the people of this region. Armenia and Artsakh are determined to resist and neutralize the threat. Azerbaijan will be forced to cease its attempts to solve the conflict with the use of force.


14:05 Artsakh army: we are currently dealing heavy blows to the enemy in the frontlines. Azeri forces, joined by Turkish and terrorist groups, are receiving a harsh response. They are spreading misinformation about big successes.


14:25 BHK MP addresses Azeri minorities: My message is to ethnic minorities of Azerbaijan: the Talysh, Tat, Tsakhur, Avar, Lezgins. Open and read the names of Azeri soldiers who were killed. They are mostly minorities. Why is Aliyev's fascist regime using you and your children as pawns? Take your kids away. Shield them. Disobey Aliyev's orders. This is not your war. They are sending you to die on the Armenian Karabakh mountains. Save your children's lives. Today Aliyev stopped international flights to prevent you from leaving in the event you don't want to take part in his crime.


14:43 ARM army: the density of artillery strikes is unprecedented for this region. Our artillerymen shine with their literacy.


15:00: the Armenian death toll is 58 as of right now. (evening update: 84)

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029237.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029358.html

15:04 what did Pashinyan and Aliyev agree upon during Dushanbe Meeting in 2018?: During an interview, Pashinyan said that when there was a mass pro-democracy movement in Armenia in 2018, he launched an open dialogue with the Azeri public to talk about internal Azerbaijani issues. The excited Azeri public made calls for a similar revolution in Azerbaijan.

When he met Aliyev, the latter asked him to tone down the pro-democracy rhetoric aimed at the internal Azerbaijani situation, because Aliyev had concerns that the situation was destabilizing in Azerbaijan "and could threaten his dictatorial regime."

"Aliyev didn't care about the Karabakh conflict. He was afraid that the wave of revolution would reach him."

Pashinyan exposed the aforementioned in response to Aliyev's claim that Pashinyan had asked Aliyev for "time" to sort things out in Armenia after the revolution.

Pashinyan confirmed the existence of this agreement with Aliyev, saying "internal issues in Azerbaijan is not on my agenda" and this "agreement helped establish peace on the border and save Armenian lives".

Context: Armenia and Azerbaijan would end up establishing a lengthy ceasefire until a verbal escalation by Azerbaijan in 2019, followed by Pashinyan's claim that "if Azerbaijan refuses to discuss the possibility of Artsakh being free then Artsakh is Armenia, period". This phrase was followed by a brief period of verbal exchange, but the two sides relaxed and even organized a surprised humanitarian mission in which Armenian and Azeri journalists visited one another's country to "move people closer". Things got worse again in 2020 after the oil plummeted to record-low and Turkish currency kept nosediving amid a worsening economy and Erdogan's reckless foreign policy.


15:15: Azeri government is censoring the internet for citizens. Access to several independent outlets was impossible.


15:24: Armenian Parliament voted 118-0 to pass a resolution condemning the Azeri aggression. Opposition BHK has also drafted a bill to officially recognize the Artsakh Republic as an independent state.

Ruling QP MP said "the people of Artsakh have the right to self-determination. It is enough for us to solely rely on international organizations for Artsakh recognition."


15:28: Azeri drones were spotted above Martakert.

Video: https://youtu.be/DdnoCaNE1IM

15:32: SOAD's Serj Tankian released a new video of "Artsakh Song"


15:38: Yezidi-Armenians are volunteering to join the army. "The citizens enlist in the army for the sacred cause of defending the Homeland," said the leader of the National Union on Yezidis of Armenia.


16:03 ARM army: we are fully monitoring the situation. We have a good opportunity for further success.


16:16: Armenian side released footage showing the destruction of several Azeri equipments with the use of laser-guided missiles.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/100000785095088/videos/3279801298722674/?extid=Es54zHCjCIKM9uj3

16:24 ARM army: Azeris launched a tank attack in the south-eastern region but met resistance and lost 10 pieces of equipment.

Video: https://youtu.be/szU0qdF-VO4


16:25: 20,000 Armenians living in Russia have contacted the Armenian Center in Moscow with a willingness to travel and join the army.


17:15: an Azeri drone was spotted above Armenian journalists in Martuni, Artsakh. They ran away from nearby cars just in case. No explosions.

Video: https://youtu.be/5UdI2YO-kNI

17:16: another Azeri tank advancement was stopped on the southern borders.

Video of their destruction: https://www.facebook.com/100000785095088/videos/3280276455341825/?extid=s8TBCCxUIk9PZAW9

17:25 ARM army: the opponent was thrown back in the south after suffering 10 equipment losses, mostly tanks. In the north, they shelled civilian settlements. The battle continues.


17:45: Earlier it was reported that a total of 200 were wounded. Half of them were very minor injures and the soldiers are back in front lines. (58 deaths, 120 wounded as of right now)


18:10: Azeri authorities arrested an Azeri activist Giyas Ihrahimov "for writing anti-war posts on social media". The cops initially wanted to take him to a military commissariat.


18:45: the Armenian church has summoned a meeting to create a plan of action. It began with a Պահպանիչ prayer. They'll contact the international community.

[link 404]

Expert: Azeris are active on Twitter. Armenian govt began providing many images to the international press, which is important. The world is just now trying to understand what's happening.


19:02 cyber-expert Martirosyan: I have info that Armenia has invited many journalists. We are more active in the information field.


19:19 Education Minister: now is the time to use your multi-lingual skills to share information on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Links to official channels inside:


19:10: Armenia denies the Azeri reports of a high-ranking Armenian officer's death.


19:26 Artsakh president: the enemy is failing everywhere in front of our feet. Thousands of volunteers have already joined the army. Many of those whom we planned to call for the draft have already reported-in. Hundreds of diasporan-Armenians expressed willingness to join. This unity will make our victory unstoppable. հաղթանակը մերն է:


19:57 ARM army: Azerbaijan has so far sustained >400 deaths, 36 drones, 47 armored equipment (tanks, BMP, etc.). The main battles are in the north, south, and south-east.


20:30: Video of Armenian volunteers, old and young, lined up to join the army. Տրամադրությունը մարտական։


20:54: around 4pm the Armenian hackers defaced Ilham Aliyev's official website, placed a message calling for Armenians to unite, then took the website down.


A collection of Armenian army attack videos. These are YouTube links in case you don't have Telegram.




20:58 ARM army: Azeris launched a widespread attack in the south near Araks River and northern Talish-Mataghis. They lost 22 tanks and 10 vehicles. 370 Azeri soldiers were destroyed. 35% of their wounds are heavy.

⚡⚡ https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029319.html

20:59 Artsakh president about the latest Azeri push: From Omar to Araks, the enemy used hundreds of tanks and vehicles and lost dozens of tanks. They have almost no advancement. They only took a few positions. In war, you give and take positions. When you retake, you don't give back. This will be our last and most important battle. We will bring them to the knee in a few days.

Video: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029321.html

21:02: 46 fallen Armenian soldiers have received a medal posthumously.


21:27 Armenian ambassador to Russia: we will use the Iskander missile system if Azerbaijan uses the Turkish F-16 fighter jet.


22:00 Artsakh president: I lost count on the number of Azeri equipment we shot. Our goal is to destroy as we did in the 1990s. No, the rumors about us retaking Lele Tepe hill are false. There are no significant strategic capturing by either side. Neither side has captured/lost any մարտավարական կարևոր դիրք.

https://youtu.be/8u3ZFlXDUFE , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029343.html

22:10: photo of a downed Azeri drone in Spitakashen village:


22:12: Armenian soldiers shut down an Azeri fighter jet that was flying near Martakert, Artsakh.


22:23: Armenian reservists won't be allowed to freely leave the country, as the army may need their help.


21:42: the UN Security Council will summon a closed-door emergency meeting tomorrow.


22:19 Artsakh president: Azeris launched a large assault on Mount Mrav this afternoon but didn't have any success.


23:22: footage from front lines while Armenian artillery conducts strikes.


00:31:: many ethnic Armenians living in Georgia's southern Javakh region have gathered near the border with an attempt to cross the border. Those without an Armenian passport are having difficulties. They began singing "hayer miatseq".

https://t.me/reartsakh/3615 , https://twitter.com/517design/status/1310667045885837315?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Martuni city

Video shows the damage done by the Azeri attack on civilian houses in Martuni city.


donation for the Artsakh Republic

All-Armenia Fund launched a donation campaign for the Artsakh Republic yesterday. They've collected $1.4m so far. They accept PayPal, too. Links to donation sites, account details, etc.


Those who live in Russia can contact the Armenian embassy for donations.


1000plus.am is another official army fund page that accepts donations. (you might have to teach Cloudflare what a bicycle looks like first)


Tigran Petrosyan is back

Chess.com organized a Pro Chess League competition. The Armenian Team was consisted of several Armenians, Indian, and Iranian players. They made it into the finale where they played against the St. Louis Team whose member is Fabio Caruana.

Armenia's Tigran Petrosyan defeated Caruana. The Armenian team won the match and became the champions. They also won it in 2018.


Armenian students won 5 medals

... in the Math Olympiad. 2 silver, 3 bronze, 1 award.

https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/197050 COVID stats

+1,935 tested. +174 infected. +52 healed. 4,657 active.



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