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Anti-Corruption Daily

Anti-Corruption Jan/11/2019
by ar_david_hh

All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise.


State Oversight Committee (SOC) has earlier reported about 800mln loss of state resources caused by Yerevan State University.

The University director responded claiming SOC violated laws by exceeding its power, and examining 9bln worth old and new transactions over a lengthy period.

SOC says they've only examined 2.5bln, and made no violations. SOC says the director purposely mislead the public during their press conference about a construction project.

SOC provides the results of their findings about this construction project: University needed a construction job. 8 companies applied for a contract offering to do the job for 280mln. 1 company offered to do it for 397mln. University rejected the 8 companies for an invalid reason even though the companies met the requirements and had experience, and instead chose the most expensive one, causing a financial harm to state.

Moreover, the expensive company's papers show that it was formed and operating for the solve purpose of doing business with the University, and 90% of its profit came from it, which raises suspicions.

After the main contract, another 24mln were given to the company for a job that should have required less funds. It was discovered that the construction company had very large profit margins while doing business with the University.

Another violation was found around a protective services contract. The expensive service with not enough experience was chosen, and even had the cost of services raised by 12% only few months in service. Various other violations costing millions to taxpayer were made in the following years.

SOC has sent the findings to court.

[On 2018, several government agencies were caught signing artificially inflated contracts with friendly businesses with the intention of stealing the remainder.]





This image shows how the country's budget money is distributed and spent.



Parties are deciding who will govern various committees in the new Parliament.

It is known that BHK will have the following seats: Naira Zohrabyan will lead the human rights committee,

Mikael Melkumyan (current gas price investigator and deputy Parliament speaker) will lead the committee that deals with the Eurasian Economic Union (short EAEU, in earlier threads referred to as EEU),

Vahe Enfiajyan will most likely be a deputy Speaker.



Yerevan mayor's office has notified the cafes nearby the Opera House that the city plans to restore the oval tree garden near the building (see image).

Cafes are currently renting the area from the city. Almost all of them are using the lease to extend their existing businesses into the area, meaning they will continue to operate in outer areas after the lease ends.




Yerevan municipality's chief architect Arthur Meschyan and the committee are discussing the proposed construction of a new Metro station in Ajapnyak, which was halted during the Soviet times. (Mayor Marutyan promised a new metro station during the election campaign)

The project could cost $75mln, at least one new bridge to cross the Hrazdan gorge, and a possible dispute with nearby land owners. The committee will meet again next month.



Yerevan municipality reminds that bus drivers will be fined 5k for smoking while driving.



On 2018, Human Rights Ombudsman's office has made twice as many visits and call responses, as in the average of the past 4 years.



An Armenian family was deported from Germany after lying to the authorities and claiming to be Azeri refugees seeking asylum.



The Amnesty International human rights monitoring organization held a meeting in USA. The primary reason was the report on Caucasus, and an Azeri journalist Mehman Husseinov, who was arrested for exposing Azeri government officials' shady real estates in a documentary.

Amnesty has condemned the widespread violations in Azerbaijan, and called the human rights situation "in terrible shape". Azeri government has made it clear they won't tolerate any opposition, and the justice system is a tool to punish dissidents, said the spokesman.

Organization says despite all that, Azerbaijan is sensitive to sanctions, and that USA should put more pressure on the Aliyev regime.

Amnesty also spoke about the situation in Armenia, calling the 2018 peaceful transition of power "impressive". Spokesman said they see a serious improvement. An area that still raises concerns is the practice of arresting crime suspects and extending the detention before the court trial. LGBT rights was the other major issue that all Caucasus countries face, said Amnesty.



Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned Azerbaijan for expelling/denying Russian citizens from the country based on their ethnicity, calling it a severe violation of human rights.

She was referring to Armenians with Russian passport being denied entry to Azerbaijan. She noted that 16 ethnic discrimination cases took place last year.

Spokeswoman Zakharova called it a violation of several RU-AZ agreements.

The latest victim was a Russian-Armenian woman who wanted to spent New Year's day in Baku, but was forced to stay 13 hours in the airport, before being deported.



Belarus has lifted the limit on the number of American diplomats in the country. 30 out of 35 diplomats had to leave Belarus on 2008, after US placed sanctions for human rights violations. It appears the relations are getting better now.

This comes after an open Belarus-Russia spat caused by the latter's pressure on Minks for deeper integration and higher energy costs.


Link to original report: https://old.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/af0ah5/anticorruption_jan112019/

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