Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook: I

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - I


Ichǎv: Descended.

Idǎl: To give. Garneh, gidah: He takes, he gives.

Idǎl, arnil: Give and take.

Ikǎl: To come. G’ikǎ, g’ertǎ: He comes and goes.

Ikilli: Deuce (T)

Ilig: Buttonhole, belt loop (T) Ilik

Illink: Full

Iliti koreh: Iligti koreh: (T) Your buttonhole/belt loop is blind. (Undone)…Term of censure indicating one does not know what he is talking about.

Imtsǎ: I heard.

Imtsoutsir: You made known, aired.

Inch igǎ, ch’igǎ: What’s going on, or not?

Inch khus is?: How are you?

Injaz: Plum/prune. (Ab) Injas

Ink inki goudeh: He eats himself; at odds with himself.

Ink irǎn: He alone; by himself.

Ink, leh: He, too

Ink vov eh?: Who is he?

Insan: (T) Human

Iprteh: As if; supposedly

Irgumǎrt: Man

Iritsgin: Priest’s wife.

Isǎh: If; (T) Ise: However, although. (Haieren khosam isăh, hech mart ch’imnuh hăskină. So, I’ll speak in English. If I speak in Armenian (Dikranagerdtsi) no one will understand. So, I’ll speak in English.…Preliminary remark by John Kasbarian prior to delivering a toast as Best Man at his brother’s wedding reception.)

Ishnǎl: To descend.

Ishou hǎvgit: Donkey’s egg. Six on a die (Tavli)

Ishtǎ: Thus,so. (T) ishte: Look!; Here!; now; thus.

Ishtak: Desire (Ab) Ishtǎq; (P) Ishtiyák; (T) Istek

Ishtakh: Appetite. (T) Ishtah

Iskiri hayat: Elixir of life (P) Iksir (Ab) Hayat

Iyǎl: To look, see. Hos giyǎ, hon giyǎ; He looks here and there. Giyǎ ki: He sees that; looks like.