Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook: S

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – S


Sǎǎt: (Ab. Watch, timepiece.) Sǎǎt kǎni eh?: What time is it?

Saboun: (Ab/K) Sabun: soap.

Sadana: Satan.

Sǎdgetsnil: To kill something.

Sǎdir: (T) Sedir: divan, sofa.

Sagh: (T) Right side.

Sagh/Saghlam: (T/K) Alive, sound in body, healthy, safe, intact.

Saghoutin: Good health.

Saghoutinov haknis: May you wear it in good health.

Saghoutinov pǎntsunis (Kordzǎdzis): May you use it in good health.

Salghil: To narrate. Ex. Oudǎdsti, khumǎdsti kezi; hǎlǎ salgheh your kǎtsiris, vov desiris. What you eat, what you drink is for you; at least tell me where you have been, and whom you have seen.

Sǎkǎt: (T) Lame, disabled, crippled.

Sǎng, nǎng: Like this, like that.

Sants, nants: Like this, like that.

Sǎrin: Serene, cool.

Sǎrsǎri: Silly person. (T. Serseri: Vagrant, vagabond, tramp).

Sǎrt: Hard, (T. sert)

Satuljan: Pneumonia, (T. Satlijan: Pleurisy). Es bǎgh otin, nosur hǎkoustov tours elǎs, satuljan mun eghnǎs. (In this cold weather, if you go out with thin clothing, you’ll get pneumonia.)

Sdgil: To pick, clean and scrape (as when preparing lamb stomach for Kibǎ).

Seb: Let, leave. Seb, togh ertǎ: Let it, or him, go.

Sel: Torrent, flood. Seleh muh dǎneh: The flood will sweep you away.

Sevagundig: Black seed (Nigella). Sevagn (black-eyed) + hound (seed)

Sgesour: Husband’s mother; wife’s mother-in-law. (A. gesour)

Shad chuh kharnis, kǎkeh guh hanis: Don’t stir too much or you’ll raise the shit.

Shǎftǎli: Peach (T. sheftali)

Shǎhrǎ: Noodle

Shǎkǎr ouni: He has sugar (diabetes).

Shǎkri koutin: Sugar locket, as in “Hǎroutin, shakri koutin.”

Shǎkri top: Lump of sugar, sugar ball. Term of endearment.

Shǎlǎg: Shoulder, back.

Shǎmshiyǎ: Umbrella (T. Shemshiye).

Shǎntsǎk: Son of a dog.

Shǎrǎbǎhǎrir: Rose flavored soft drink (Ab. Sharab: wine or drink; harir: silk).

Shǎrbǎt: Soft drink. (Ab. Sharab)

Shǎshkǎloz: (T.) Cross-eyed.

Shǎsho: Squint-eyed (T. Shashuh).

Sherip: Ladle.

Sheytan: (T.) Satan, devil; crafty man.

Shibǎk: Window (Ab.).

Shil: Cross-eyed; wall-eyed. Comment to someone primping up before a mirror: Inch eh? Shil ǎghchigeh toreh egireh? (T. Bloodshot and purulent).

Shird: Slice. Often used to denote a fried slice of eggplant.

Shiringa: (T.) Syringe, enema.

Shishgurtsunil: To mistake, mix up, confuse.

Shishko: Fat man.

Shishmǎn: Fat.

Shnofouril: To congratulate.

Shor: (K) Salty, salted. (May be Arabic).

Shorba: Soup. (K-Shorbǎ), (T. Chorba).

Shoukour: (K/T) Thanks or ghratitude, as in “Asdvadz shoukour” after dining.

Shouneh eristi shurreh: May the dog piss on your face (Pejorative).


Shouroup: Syrup.

Shoushǎ: Glass (P. Shishah), (T. Shishe)

Shoushǎnorti: Son of a bitch. (Shoun shan vorti).

Shrump: Shrimp, meaning Shortie in describing a person. (Armenian-American colloquialism). Armen Babamian to his mother: Bǎbis inchou erise surchire? Azniv Babamian: Aghperti Antron gǎnǎ bǎboun shrump usǎts.

Shubukhtsunil: Bring together, glue.

Shulǎbour: Rice soup. (P. Shullah: Rice broth).

Shunturil: To bow, bend over.

Shushvil: To tremble, sting, tingle.

Sifatsouz: Shameless. (T. surat: face; suz: without; sulky, ugly).

Sijokh: Stuffed lamb intestines; walnuts coated with bastikh juice.

Siktir eghi/Siktirvi!: F--k You!

Siktiroghli: Offspring of unlawful intercourse.

Sillǎ mi: A swat, a slap. (T. Sille).

Sinǎg: Club suit in playing cards. (T. Sinek: housefly)

Sirdit ǎrǎhǎtsǎv?: (A,Ab) Are you satisfied? Is your heart content?

Skambel: Playing cards. (T. Iskambil: A particular card game.)

Soba: (T) Stove.

Sokhrants: Sauteed onions.

Solagh: Left side.(T. solak).

Sona: Afterwards, later, after, then. (T. Sonra).

Son-sona: After all; sooner or later.

Souch: Fault (K.) Kou souchit eh: It’s your fault.

Sough: Expensive

Soukh: Onion.

Sounkǎ, nounkǎ: These, those. (A. Asonk, anonk).

Sountsǎ, nountsǎ: To/for these, to/for those. (A. Asonts, anonts).

Sourǎ, nourǎ: To/for this, to/for that, etc. Sourǎ mdig ereh: Pay attention to this.

Sousvil: To dress up; (T) sus: ornament, decoration, elegance of dress.

Souzgǎj: Sieve, srainer, filter (T. Suzgech).

Sovril: To learn.

Sovurtsunil: to teach.

Spagizi: Spaghetti. (Armenian-American colloquialism).

Spidǎg: White.

Spunnil: To kill someone.

Stǎmoks: Stomach.

Suduni tsǎk: Satan’s offspring. Often used humorously to describe a sly or cunning person.

Sukh: Close (to one another),

Surchumol: Inside out; backwards; turned around (garment).

Suttul: Pail.