Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook: J

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - J


Jǎgh: (K).jagh: Rail, fence. (T) Spoke of a wheel.

Jǎhǎnǎm: (K): Hell

Jajukh: Sliced cucumbers in madzoon and water. Term for non-Dikranagerdtsis. (See bulghour)

Jakar: Rabbit. Shuttlecock used in weaving loom.

Jam: (K) Glass, window

Jambaz: (T) Acrobat, swindler

Jǎn: Knuckle-bone of lamb

Jan: (K?P) body, soul

Jangrdil: To claw, scrape, scratch.

Janim: My soul! (P)

Jǎnj: Housefly. Club suit in playing cards (used by females).

Jaroud: Dustpan

Jeb: (K/T) Pocket

Jebeh elǎv: Came out of a pocket (Dry cleaners’ talk)

Jenjig: Stew with water, egg, kavourma, chormis, lemon juice.

Jighara: Cigar, cigarette

Jinj: Gravy

Jinji mecheh janj mi ga: There's a fly in the gravy. (Equivalent of - There's a fly in the ointment.)

Jiv: leg, foot

Jivit godreh, doun nusdih: Break your leg and stay home. Stop gadding about.

Jivjiv: Chick (T)

Jouroun: Drain

Jout: End

Jrǎk: Light, torch, lamp. (P) Chirágh: candlelight

Jughiz mi kǎsheh: Draw a line

Jughiz: Lne,

Junnǎgh: Wishbone of chicken.

Jurdoh: Rat

Juz-juz: Just so much noise. (T) Imitates a sizzling noise.

Juzjuzǎl: To utter meaningless sounds or monotonous words.