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Michael Goorjian

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Birth name Michael Antranig Goorjian
Birthplace San Francisco
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Birth date 4 February 1971
Ethnicities Armenian

Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance

April 5, 2007

Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance
CONTACT: Bianca Bagatourian
22 Concord Lane, Cambridge, MA 02138
617 871 -6764

Screening and Reception for Michael Goorjian in Boston, hosted by Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance and Belmont World Film' On March 25th, the Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance (ADAA) in its first collaboration with Belmont World Film presented Michael Goorjian's film `Illusion' starring screen legend Kirk Douglas in his last role.

Preceding the screening, there was a gala reception for actor/film maker Michael Goorjian which was attended by close to three hundred people at the First Armenian Church in Belmont, MA. It included gourmet Armenian food and music by the band, Kef Time, and was covered by reporters from The Boston Globe, The Belmont Citizen/Herald and Imagine Magazine.

Special guests at the reception included Massachusetts State Representative Rachael Kaprielian, and actor and filmmaker, Eddie Steeves, `Crab Man' in the popular TV series, `My Name Is Earl'.

`I appreciate the great turn-out and support from the Armenian community,' said Goorjian, who is on the ADAA advisory board and is currently working on some on-going film and theater projects with ADAA in between his busy schedule. "I think the value of this organization which introduces and helps in networking Armenian professionals in the entertainment field is invaluable," he stated.

`Illusion' is about a film producer (Kirk Douglas) who, as he becomes old and ill, questions his rejection of his illegitimate son.

One night, he is awakened by the ghost of his old friend, who shows him visions of his son's life. The father is captivated by these and his son's tragic existence. On his deathbed, he learns that redemption is possible.

`Illusion' was winner of Best Screenplay at the Hamptons Film Festival and won both the Jury Award and the Audience Award at the Inspirational Film Festival.

The Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance's mission is to project the Armenian voice on the world stage through the dramatic arts of theatre and film. The organization accomplishes this mission by supporting playwrights and screenwriters and provides production opportunities, commissions, scholarships, research tools, networking resources and two $10,000 writing awards.

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Photo Credits: Robert Pushkar and Bethel Charkoudian

Facts about "Michael Goorjian"
Birth dateFebruary 4, 1971 +
Birth day4 +
Birth monthFebruary +
Birth year1,971 +
Birthplace coordinates37° 46' 30", -122° 25' 10"Latitude: 37.7749295
Longitude: -122.4194155
Birthplace nameSan Francisco +
EthnicitiesArmenian +
Person nameMichael Goorjian +