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Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance

Bianca Bagatourian is a playwright and filmmaker and the founder and president of the Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance (ADAA), a non-profit organization founded in 2005 that supports Armenian theater and film through various programs including an annual film festival, play readings on both coasts and the $10,000 biennial Saroyan Playwriting award and Paul Screenwriting Award.

Bianca is a graduate of the MFA playwriting program at Brooklyn College where she studied with lifetime Obie award-winning playwright, Mac Wellman. Themes in Bianca's work often center around those of identity, alienation and genocide, these being intimately woven into the fabric of her life.

She is currently working on two documentaries about genocide in addition to several feature films. In the theatrical world, Bianca’s most recent play is derived from interviews with Mr. Howard Zinn regarding the essence of his work. Her plays have been performed worldwide.

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