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San Francisco

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Armenian Community

The San Francisco Bay Area has a long established Armenian community numbering in the thousands. Once primarily in the city of San Francisco, the community has spread to San Jose and Oakland and everywhere in between.

Fourth of July, 1918

Armenian Sites

  • Mt. Davidson Cross - Historic cross privatized by the Armenian community as an Armenian Genocide memorial.
  • Saroyan Place - a tiny alley named after William Saroyan across from City Lights Bookstore.
  • Saroyan House - House of William Saroyan in San Francisco.
  • Ritz-Carlton hotel (600 Stockton, San Francisco) - Visible behind a decorated Christmas tree are the Ionic columns surmounted by a pediment containing a tableau created in 1920 by Haig Patigian.
  • Statues of John Pershing, Abraham Lincoln (at Civic Center), Thomas Starr King, Vanity (nude woman statue at the Palace of the Fine Arts), and the Volunteer Fireman Memorial by Haig Patigian.

Armenians from San Francisco

These are Armenians who were born or who have lived in San Francisco:

Avetis Berberyan, David Kherdian, Edith Khachatourian, George Mardikian, Lucy Saroyan, Michael Goorjian, Steve Jobs, Vahe Keushguerian, William Saroyan

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