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Yerevan State University was founded on May 16, 1919. Its faculties contain 110 departments. Of its 3150 employees, 1190 comprise the teaching staff which includes 25 academicians, 130 professors, 700 docents (associate professors), and 360 assistant lecturers. The Rector of Yerevan State University is Aram Simonyan. The university has 400 researchers, 250 post-graduate students, and 9500 undergraduates, including 300 students from abroad. Instruction is in Armenian, but instruction in Russian and English for foreign students is arranged according to need. The academic year is from September 1 through June 30.

In 2005 a new compound of the Yerevan State University with the yard and auxiliary buildings was built in Abovian Street near the oldest building of the university built in 1922. It was erected on the place of the old sports complex and the auxiliary buildings and keeps in line with all modern criteria. The new building has three stories, about 70 rooms, chairs and deans' offices. It is envisaged for 1500 students of philosophy, psychology and philology faculties. As Sargis Shahazizian, pro-rector of the Yerevan State University, stated

"We want to decrease the congestion of the buildings. There are buildings that aren't capable of standing the large number of students"

The financial assistance was rendered by the U.S. Union of Yerevan State University's Friends, RA Government and the University. The construction works cost about $1,5 million and the bigger part of the financial sources were allocated by the Yerevan State University.

The Yerevan State University also envisages to renovate its resorts in Dilijan. The graduate students of the university will gather and the administration of the university plans to accumulate the required sum to replace the old cottages of the resort with new ones as soon as possible.


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