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Abovian Street, once known as Astafian was once the 'fanciest street' of Yerevan. Still one of the 'fanciest', it runs from Republic Square up to Abovian Circle, near the former Youth Palace, where a statue of Khachatur Abovian himself is located.

What's on Abovian Street?

Numerous cafes, restaurants and lounges such as: Le Cafe de Paris; Square One, boutique and retail stores such as: Mango; Mexx; Franck Muller; Terranova, as well as Moscow Cinema and Golden Tulip Hotel Yerevan.

List of buildings on Abovian Street

Odd numbered building info # St. # Even numbered building info
Buzand Street intersection
Sil Plaza, Pizza di Roma, Diamond Pizza, Treasures of Armenia. 1 2 Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall, French Terrace Cafe
Aram Street intersection
Marco Polo, Square One, Souvenirs 1/3 8 AGV, Honda, Spidi, Vemar
Pushkin Street intersection
3 10
5/1 14 Golden Tulip Yerevan Hotel
Stanislovsky Russian Dramatic Theater 7 16 Painter's Union
9 18 Kino Moskva
Tumanian Street intersection
Arax Teahouse, Gusto 11 20 Artbridge
13 22
Sayat Nova Avenue intersection
Under demolition for new church complex 15 26 Mary, Vitas, Art Cross
17 28
19 30
21 32
23 34 Apriori
Moskovyan Street intersection
Ring Park
Isahakyan Street intersection
27 38
29 42
31 44
33 46
35 48
Koryun Street intersection
37 50 Building in courtyard of Medical University
39 52 University building
41 54 Special Polyclinic
Observatory in the park 56 Clinic No 1
backside of buildings on Teryan Street 58 M. Nupar Eye Clinic
60 Infant Clinic No 1
Khachatur Abovyan Circle (Minivans to Hrazdan, Charentsavan, Sevan)
Khachatur Abovyan Circle 64 Folk Art Museum
Mkhitar Heratsi Street intersection


Pan around to see remainder of Abovyan Street. <googlemap lat="40.183058" lon="44.518189" zoom="18"></googlemap>

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