Yenokavan Village

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Yenokavan (Arm: Ենոքավան), Tavush Marz

Yenokavan (568 p) lies N of the road, on either side of the Sarnajur (formerly Tala) river. West of Getahovit is the ruined Iritsi Aghbyur medieval settlement with church and cemetery. Until 1935 called Krdevan, Yenokavan was named after early Communist Yenok Mkrtumyan, who founded the first party cell in the region. On the S. edge of Yenokavan, perched on a rock overlooking the scenic gorge, is a small church with medieval tombstones. About a km S, down inside the gorge, reachable only on foot, is an Astvatsatsin church of the 13th c. Some 17 km W is the Okonakhach church. There are anciently inhabited caves in the breathtaking river valley, with fantastic hiking, rivers, caves, and forests. A local guide can take you around, feed you and set you up at a campsite for a reasonable price. At the NE end of the village overlooking the gorge is the 6-5th c. BC Astghi Blur with cyclopean walls and a huge tomb field. The main dirt road through Yenokavan bears right and up the ridge, traversing the starkly beautiful mountain pastures of the Ijevan Mt. Range*. This road, passible April-November (barely) by street car, serves various yaylas inhabited only in summer, and leads in some 66 km to the main Azatamut-Noyemberian road just S of Noyemberian. This may be the best road to Samsoni Monastery. Eight km NW of Yenokavan on this road, atop a hill, is Berdategh Early Armenian cyclopean fortress. Somewhere toward the Noyemberian end of the road is a village called Gomshavar with, 2 km E in a spot called Dondar, remains of a Bronze Age settlement.

Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook

Restaurant and Hotel

Armenia's Yenokavan community to have recreation and entertainment place in French atmosphere

Armenpress News Agency , Armenia June 6, 2017 Tuesday

YEREVAN, JUNE 6, ARMENPRESS. Recreation and entertainment place in French atmosphere will be created soon in Yenokavan community of Armenia’s Tavush province, reports Armenpress.

The author of the initiative is French philanthropist Bernard Zhanen who visited Armenia during the 1988 earthquake as a rescuer.

Within the frames of journalists’ tour in Yenokavan, Bernard Zhanen said his regular visits to Yenovakan community resulted in the idea to implement business program at this place. “Later I was joined by my son and Armenian businessman of Russia Felix Margaryan. The complex will be in the village, adjacent to the Church from where a beautiful view towards the river and forests opens”, he said.

The program launched in 2015. It is expected that the restaurant to operate in the complex will only serve French dishes. “While conducting the construction works a special attention was paid on not damaging the Armenian village’s environment. Later we plan to acquire some part of consumed food from Yenokavan residents”, Bernard Zhanen said.

Co-author of the program Zinavor Meghryan told reporters that at the moment the guesthouse of the complex is completely constructed, consisting of three floors, having rooms both for corporate and family groups, as well as a restaurant and reception. Currently the administrative building is at construction stage. Over 35 workers were engaged in construction works, with 200.000 AMD average monthly salary. Nearly 600.000 USD was spend for construction of the guesthouse. “The hotel will consist of 4 two-storey buildings where 16 rooms will be located. Later the number of rooms is expected to reach 28. The complex will also have SPA center, as well as outdoor heated pool”, Meghryan said, adding that the opening ceremony of the complex will be held on September 21, 2017.

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