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Samsoni Monastery

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XII - XIII AD - Tavush Marz

Samsoni Monastery

To reach the remote but unique 13th-14th c. Kirants Monastery, continue upstream. After another 5 km or so, one branch of the road turns left, crossing the Zayghoshani bridge (with Persian inscription: in the year of the Hijra 1207, early 19th c.) and ascending S toward the beautiful semi-ruined Deghdznuti Vank (40 59.84n x 045 01.80e) of the 13th c. (1 km or so) and Samsoni Vank (40 58.29n x 045 02.11e), another 6 km S of Deghdznuti (more reachable from Yenokavan). This tiny monastery has a domed 12-13th c. church, a shrine and another small church. The finished stones have melted from rain and it is not an impressive site. On the right bank of the Khndzorkut river, atop a mountain between Deghdznuti and Samsoni Vank is supposed to be the Berdakar medieval fort, with cisterns.

Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook