Warrant for Genocide

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Warrant for Genocide
Book-cover-warrant for genocide.jpg
Author Vahakn Dadrian
Publication Year 1999
Format Hardbound
Language English
Category Genocide, Education & Reference

Warrant for Genocide: Key Elements of Turko-Armenian Conflict by Vahagn N. Dadrian.

Second edition printed in NJ, USA. Printed in 1999. Hardcover edition with dustjacket. 214 pages.

Warrant for Genocide provides a unique, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the underlying causes of the World War I Armenian genocide. Dadrian details the origin, elements, evolution, and escalation of the Turko-Armenian conflict admirably, showing that in the final analysis, the Armenian genocide was a cataclysmic by-product of this conflict. Genocide and Holocaust scholars, Armenian area specialists, and human rights activists will consider this an essential addition to the literature.

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Book AuthorVahakn Dadrian +
Book CategoryGenocide + and Education & Reference +
Book FormatHardbound +
Book LanguageEnglish +
Book Publication Year1999 +
Book TitleWarrant for Genocide +
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