Urartian hieroglyphs hypothesis

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The Urartian hieroglyphs hypothesis is a hypothesis conducted by Armenian scientists such as Artak Movsisian that the language of Urartian hieroglyphs is probably the ancient Armenian language–is worth consideration–though it requires further investigations". [1]


James Russell believes that–"speaking about identity of the Armenian language with the Urartian cuneiform is nonsense." Sargsian said that the matter considered here is not the Urartian cuneiform–which was deciphered many years ago and is basically different from the Armenian language–but about the hieroglyphs–which are just being deciphered. [2]

"The Armenian tribes lived side by side with the Urartians–hence the presence of Urartian words in the Armenian language–as well as elements of Urartian spiritual and material culture in the Armenian culture," Sargsian said and added that the opinion that Urartians never existed is not based on the facts. He said that perhaps Urartian hieroglyphics were used by the Armenian tribes neighboring with the Urartians. He stressed that anyone–interested in the investigation of Urartian hieroglyphs–may apply to the Institute of Oriental Studies of Armenia's National Academy of Sciences–where these investigations are currently being carried out.


  1. Said by vice president of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences Gagik Sargsian–commenting on declaration of USA orientalist James Russell.
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