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Armenian and English language versions. Daily newspaper based out of Glendale, California.

Asbarez Newspaper began publication in August 1908 in Fresno as a weekly. After several successful decades the offices and publishing headquarters moved to Los Angeles in the early 1970's.

Asbarez is the official publication of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western United States Central Committee, and mainly serves the more than 500,000 strong Armenian-American community in the Western states.

Asbarez is a bilingual daily newspaper which is published five times a week from 16 to 28 pages Tuesday through Friday; and 40 to 48 pages on Saturday.

When Asbarez published its first issue, it did so with a commitment to become a trusted source in providing important news and information to the community, a commitment it has maintained and reaffirmed throughout the years.

The Armenian-American community was still in its infancy when the first ever issue of Asbarez rolled off the presses, and today the community - although decades older and wiser - is going through a new kind of metamorphosis.

In 1908, the eyes of the community were on the fragile condition of the homeland. Beset by revolution within the Ottoman Empire, Armenians there were grappling with new realities. Armenians on the eastern front, were facing challenges of their own under Russian imperial rule. Those who had come to California looked at Armenia, and Armenians, for guidance. Amid the community's desire to preserve its heritage and identity, as well as create a bridge between the homeland and the community, the Asbarez was born.

And, through thick and thin the Asbarez, first as a weekly, then as a semi weekly and most recently as a bilingual daily, has been there not only providing news and information, but mobilizing communities, forming opinions and becoming the arena many turn to for commentary, criticism and thought.

On May 1, 1970 when Asbarez began publishing its English section as a one page insert in the Armenian section, the community awakened to the realities of their changing times. The first editorial stated that the time had come for the California community "to assert itself as an organized and lively unit." The need to report news about the Armenian community in the English language not only reflect the community's diversity, but, actually reach its untapped segments.

As the English section expanded and became part and parcel of Asbarez, interest grew both within and outside the Armenian community.

The English Section became the voice of the community and a source of information within the halls of Congress, in libraries around the country and newsrooms of major media outlets. The Asbarez English Section - which became a DAILY PUBLICATION in January, 1993 - is today, a vibrant and active presence in the community and reaches a larger, more diverse audience than ever before.

In keeping with changing times, Asbarez, while maintaining its tradition of accurate reporting and coverage of Armenian issues, went ONLINE through the Groong Armenian News Network in 1994 reaching a new and burgeoning spectrum of readers who have turned to their computer screens as a source of news and information. On Februray 1, 1997 Asbarez launched its WEBSITE on the World Wide Web. After four years of non-stop service received almost 1 million visitors, a proof of its smashing success.

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