The Street (book)

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The Street (book)
The Street cover-Aram-Saroyan.jpg
Author Aram Saroyan
ISBN ISBN 9781627553865
Language English
Category Biographies & Memoirs

Aram Saroyan's The Street: An Autobiographical Novel tells what it was like to come of age in New York City in the turbulent period of Vietnam and L.S.D., of racial unrest and rock-and-roll. Saroyan's free-wheeling, poignant and funny autobiographical novel deals with near stardom in Hollywood (Mike Nichols wanted him for the title role in "The Graduate"), his father, William Saroyan, his step-father, Walter Matthau, and a fascinating cast of characters from the world famous to the drop-outs of the psychedelic revolution. A screen adaptation of The Street, written and directed by Noam J. Christopher, can be viewed at "Here is a novel that pins down an era." -Bookpeople

Aram Saroyan's Complete Minimal Poems received the William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America. His many prose books include Genesis Angels: The Saga of Lew Welch and the Beat Generation, Artists in Trouble: New Stories, and Door to the River: Essays and Reviews from the 1960s into the Digital Age. "A writer who looks deeply into himself and his own experience, confronts what he finds there with real courage and reports what he has experienced with a measure of candor that is both breathtaking and, at moments, heartbreaking." -Jonathan Kirsch, Los Angeles Times

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