Tatul Krpeyan

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Tatul Georgig Krpeyan was born in the village of Arek in the town of Talin on April 21, 1965. His intermediary schooling was completed at the Taline technical School, where he graduated with honors. After serving in the army for two years he was accepted to the University of Yerevan. In his fourth year at the university, Tatul joined the Armenian-liberation movement. He was also a pert of the (Meiatsoom) organization whose goal was to unite Artsakh with the motherland. The struggle for independence and solidarity enveloped the whole country, especially students who took to the streets in protests and demonstrations, demanding justice and freedom. Tatul had decided to manifest these ideas through actions. His involvement with the military provided him an outlet to actively pursue the right of independence and justice. The Azeri's army was beginning to infest towns in Artsakh; tanks appeared from nowhere and death seemed eminent. In September of 1990, Tatul dropped his courses at the university and joined the front line of battle at (Getashen.)