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Birthplace Yerevan
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Lived in Yerevan, Copenhagen
Resides in Yerevan
Education Stockholm School of Economics
Languages Armenian, Russian, English, Danish
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Eastern Armenian

Head of Civil Aviation Committee.

New chairwoman of Civil Aviation Committee wants to make Armenia visible on world map

YEREVAN, JULY 18, ARMENPRESS. Newly-appointed chairwoman of the Civil Aviation Committee Tatevik Revazyan has quite rich experience in the aviation field despite her young age. She was born in Yerevan and then moved to Denmark together with her family. Revazyan started working in the aviation at the age of 19 in the Copenhagen airport. “I was translating Russian documents at the Copenhagen airport, guiding kids travelling without parents to the plane”, she told Armenpress.

After working at the Copenhagen airport for four years, she wrote her thesis on topic “Government’s influence in the airports” in which she compared the Copenhagen airport with Armenia’s Zvartnots airport.

“During that period I got acquainted with former chairman of the Civil Aviation Sergey Avetisyan. But before that, nearly 30 students visited Armenia at my invitation on the sidelines of a project during which I got acquainted with the Armenia International Airports CJSC general manager Marcelo Wende, and an introductory visit for the students was carried out in the airport. Later I started working at Momondo group – a network engaged in comparing the air ticket prices, and here I got a great experience in air ticket price decrease and other issues”, she said.

Tatevik Revazyan said she arrived in Armenia in September with an interesting initiative. Thanks to her, the engineering office of one of the most important startups of 2017 linked with IT in the aviation field opened in Armenia.

“After the revolution in Armenia I made cooperation proposals to the current government members, I wanted to share my experience in the aviation field, but I had no expectation on working in that field”, she said, adding that form the very start she was not sure whether she wants to replace the IT field with the aviation field. “I have never worked in public structures, I have only cooperated with them. I thought it’s not a dynamic work, but when I came, the picture was different. The team is very strong. There are many problems with the field, but from the first glance I can state that the structure works quite well”, Tatevik Revazyan said.

The first step I want to do is to make Armenia visible on the world map. “One of the best ways for this is to invite famous bloggers to Armenia, which we have already launched together with the tourism committee. The next important task to be done is to convince airlines to come to Armenia”, she said.

Tatevik Revazyan knows four languages – Armenian, Russian, English, Danish.

She plans to make changes not only in the aviation field, but also in her new office. “I have not changed it yet, but want to make it more bright and colorful”, Revazyan said.

Interview by Ani Danielyan, Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunyan

Source: https://armenpress.am/eng/news/941140.html

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