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The Council on International Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

Church News from Denmark
August 2005

Armenian Christians in Denmark

The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs has just recognised The Armenian Apostolic Church in Denmark as a congregation with juridical rights to administer marriage ceremonies and with certain privileges as regards taxation. There are in Denmark almost 1200 Armenian refugees from Iran and Iraq. A priest from the Armenians in Sweden has until now served them but they are looking for a priest to be their own pastor. Divine Services are held in Danish churches in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense.

There are strong bonds between the Armenian Church and The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. Danish missionary societies and friends of Armenia supported relief actions for the people during the great massacres by the Turks, and during World War I the missionaries Karen Jeppe and Maria Jacobsen took care of children who had lost their parents.

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