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Ինչո՞վ է սա տարբերվելու հայակական Վիքիփեդիաից

The "About the articles" section on the Main Page kind of answers this, but let me give a bit more detail since it is a good question. Wikipedia is an international encyclopedia. So an article on, say, the Armenian Population in the Ottoman Empire before WWI should be about the same either here or there. But a great deal of information that is of interest to Armenophiles around the world, would not be appropriate on wikipedia. That is why I created Armeniapedia.
A range of things that would be appropriate here but not there are:
  • The medicinal uses of Strawberries in Armenia
  • The complete writings of Tumanyan in Armenian and English
  • George Bush's stance on Armenian issues, and every April 24 statement he ever made, in it's entirety
  • A page about you and every single Armenian in the world
  • the Armenian presence at USC (clubs, professors, articles in the school newspaper)
  • Information about moving to Armenia
  • A cookbook
  • Armenian language lessons
On top of this, while both sites have a strong neutral point of view policy, here I can monitor the articles to make sure Turks do not vandalize with Turkish government sponsored sources, confusing unknowlegable editors who just don't know what is reliable information and what is not. --Raffi 22:24, 20 Mar 2006 (PST)