Shephard of Aintab

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Shephard of Aintab
Book-cover-shephard of aintab.jpg
Author Alice Shephard Riggs
Publication Year 1920
Publisher Interchurch Press
Publishing City New York
Format Hardbound
No. of Pages 200
Language English
Category Genocide

photos from book
SHEPARD OF AINTAB by Alice Shepard Riggs. 1st edition.

Very rare missionary account.

Publisher: Interchurch Press, New York. 1920. Binding: Hardcover. This is the original 1920 1st edition. 200 pages, featuring an American missionary who served in central Turkey. This scarce, collectible copy is in good condition. The binding is still reasonably solid. The book shows some soiling and average wear, including corner creases and some small splitting at the ends of the spine. The book includes photo plates. Description: Originally published in 1920, Alice Shepard Riggs's Shepard of Aintab relates the story of Fred Shepard, who spent over thirty years as a medical missionary among Armenians in Aintab prior to 1915. The book was originally written as a Sunday school text to inspire youngsters to Christian service but has proven of much interest elsewhere. It provides an account of a missionary man, who left the United States to help Christian people in Ottoman Turkey.

  • Table Of Contents: Map (viii)
  • Preface (1)
  • Prelude (3)
  • 1. Boyhood and Youth (7)
  • 2. The Spring of Healing (19)
  • 3. Miracles of the Surgeon's Knife (33)
  • 4. The Hospital (45)
  • 5. Horses and Bandits (55)
  • 6. Facing the Mob (71)
  • 7. Summer Outings and Hunting Trips (85)
  • 8. A Friend to All (99)
  • 9. All Things to All Men (109)
  • 10. Tragedies of the War (119)
  • Postlude (129)

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