Meshach Paul Krikorian: The Spirit of the Shepherd

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Meshach Paul Krikorian: The Spirit of the Shepherd
Book-cover-mesach paul krikorian.jpg
Author Miriam Taylor Wert
Publication Year 1999
ISBN ISBN 978-0916035990
Publisher Evangel Press
Format Softbound
No. of Pages 221
Language English
Category Genocide, Church & Religion, Biographies & Memoirs

6 1/2 x 9 book, with 221 jam-packed pages and 28 exceptional, rare photos. Beautiful blue paperback cover with glossy finish. Eight chapters, four of which are re-prints of Krikorian's shorter writings, including one on Armenia and its people, and one which is his first book in its entirety--The Spirit of the Shepherd--an awesome commentary on the Twenty-Third Psalm.. Within this re-print, there are eight of its own chapters. Other parts of the book contain information researched by the author from archives, from people who knew Krikorian, and from Armenian organizations.

From the Author

Since I am not in any way related to Meshach Krikorian and am not an Armenian by birth or marriage, people often ask me why I wrote about an Armenian, his native country, and his coming to the United States. I believe that the following quote from a portion of my Introductory to the book will help the reader understand why I felt compelled to write it

"In this first page of my book about the life of M. P. Krikorian, it is my pleasure to advise you that my complete journal notes are in a section at the end of this book. There you will find a description of the day-to-day blessings from the Lord as He continued to drop 'nuggets of gold' into my lap, giving me information and copies of the writings of this great man. But just a few words now so you may know the reason for my burning desire to write about him.

"It begins with the story of how I first met him about 1934-35, when I was nine or ten years old and attended a small rural Methodist church in Central Pennsylvania; and then how his life's story came to my attention in what was clearly a Christ-led way in 1997. (In the meantime, I had been a member of the Brethren in Christ denomination for twenty years, not knowing that Meshach had traveled in this country and Canada as a Brethren in Christ minister and evangelist and had also visited many Methodist churches such as the one I had attended as a child). After reading his book, The Spirit of the Shepherd, showing a copyright date of 1950, my first thought was that it just had to be reprinted so that present generations could read its powerful words. Details relating how information about his life and writings came into my hands are given in the journal and add greatly to the total story.

"Also in the journal is a description of my discovery in the copyright office in Washington D C that the first two books Krikorian wrote had not had their copyrights renewed so that I am free to have them reprinted, as is the case with all of his booklets and other short writings.

"It isn't because of who I am that God has blessed me by allowing the various writings and information to come my way, but because of who Krikorian was and Who God is. As I read The Spirit of the Shepherd, it became obvious to me that God wants such wisdom to be presented to people today. It is my privilege to be the instrument to assemble, write and present the various parts of his writings.

"Perhaps the best way to introduce you to Meshach Paul Krikorian is for you to read as the first item the reprint of his booklet of autobiography, The Conquered Conflicts of My Life."

In addition to having had the experience of the marvels of receiving information from so many people and places, I was referred to a lady in California who is a relative of Krikorian. She furnished me with information and photos that I could never have found elsewhere, and we have developed a real Christian friendship because of our contact. In my research, I learned to admire and appreciate the Armenians, their mother country and their Christian faith.

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