Kingdom of Lori-Joraget

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Kingdom of Lori-Joraget (980 c. to 1240) In 1020 Gagik I died leaving behind two sons, The oldest son, Ohannes Smbat, was crowned King Smbat III. The assistance of the king in Vaspurakan and the kings in Georgia, Ashot managed to provoke against his own brother and conquer the northern part of the country. Later, he founded a new Armenian kingdom, by the name of Lori. “He was peace-loving, and an incompetent person as far as concerning handling weapons and warfare, which was strongly related to his heavily overweight person. In contrast to him, his younger brother, Ashot, was a brave and skilled warrior.” [1] The two brothers signed a treaty according to which they would rule their own part of the country until the death of the other, at which point the survivor would rejoin these two countries in a united Armenia and rule as its sole ruler. The Armenians needed its united strength in order to withstand the waves of assault of the Turanian tribes.


The kingdom of Lori-Joraget disappeared early in the century, where the Kingdom of Siwnik survived until the 1170s. But the medieval houses in the east, northeast, the south, and the Sasun region remained unscathed.


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