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The Turanian Tribes originate from a large area in Central Asia between Mongolia and Turkistan, the origin of several west surges of attacking tribes. One group of these Turanians which moved west were called Turks. Those who settled down in Russia were called Tartars, while those who remained at the borders of China, and moved west, were called Mongols. The arrival of these tribes, who were tent-living nomads, they converted to Islam and increased its power in the region. [1]

The waves of Turanian tribes, including the Seljuk Turks, Mongols, Turkmens and the Ottoman Turks, into the Middle East and Asia Minor were staggered and became constantly stronger and larger.

Vaspourakan Armenia

In contrast to the Armenian Vaspourakan, Bagratouni Armenia continued to fight with great fortitude. In 1021, the Turanians suffered a heavy defeat against the Armenian army, led by Vasak Pahlavouni, who died during the battle.


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