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Karabakh Diary, Green and Black: Neither War nor Peace

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Karabakh Diary, Green and Black: Neither War nor Peace
Author Tatul Hakobyan
Publication Year 2008
ISBN ISBN 9953018162
Format Softbound
No. of Pages 416
Language English, Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian
Category Contemporary Karabakh

Published in Eastern Armenian in 2008

Published in Western Armenian in 2010 in Antelias, ISBN 9953018157, Open Library # OL25117389M

Published in English in 2010

As a pioneering initiative that presents an accurate reinterpretation of the Artsakh struggle for self-determination, this book captures the essence of the issue with an illuminating portrayal of many of the key figures and events that have come to define the Artsakh issue. The author successfully depicts the full panorama of the death and destruction from that time, and details the determination of the Artsakh Armenians to defend themselves against a stronger and larger enemy. - Raffi Hovannisian