Honeymoon in a Taxicab

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Honeymoon in a Taxicab
Book-cover-honeymoon in a taxicab.jpg
Author H. G. Vartanian
Publication Year 1973
Format Hardbound
Language English
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Honeymoon in a Taxicab by H. G. Vartanian. Published by Harlo Press, Detroit, mich., 1973. Fourth printing. Original green cloth hard cover binding. dust jacket.

At the very onset of his story, H.G. Vartanian emphatically states that the cab drivers in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas have nothing on their colleagues in the Motor City. To prove his point, he has set down a frolicsome melange of naughty and satirical escapades limelighting the eroitc behabior of the good poeple in Detroit Town, USA. A full-time night driver for more than 23 years, Vartanian has tactfully omitted the use of four-letter words and torrid bedroom scenes in a hanky-panky tale where both would be more appropriate. But this self -imposed censorship does not stop the cabbie-author from dwelling most lucidly on intimate details relative to promiscuity, prostitution, and other aspects on the seamy side of night life. In this hilarious, fun-packed narrative, you will learn how the unsuspecting conventioneer gets fleeced out of his bank-roll by the glib talking "Murphy Man"; how that new breed of hookers cruising the downtown hotel district in flashy, late-model sports cars seduce and then rob their victims; how the spying housewife reacts when she catches her two-timing hubby red-handed -and, tit-for-tat, how a cuckolded husband reacts under similar circumstances. As the story progresses, colorful characters gradually begin to take shape and then pop out of the pages to startle the reader. You'll meet a whole range of cab drivers who virtually live at the Detroit Metro airport and those who hustle "Johns" in front of the downtown strip joints.