Hasmik Poghosyan

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Hasmik Stepan Poghosyan was born on 22 May 1960 in Yerevan. She is the Minister of Culture in Armenia.

From 1967-77 she studied at Yerevan Secondary School after Pushkin and concurrently at Musical School after Sayat-Nova, piano division.

In 1977 she entered Yerevan State University, biology department, acquiring profession of biologist - teacher, then from 1982-85 she pursued her post-graduate studies at the YSU.

From 1983-93 she taught biology at the Yerevan Secondary School #183.

In 1986 Hasmik Poghosyan began her work at the Armenian Society of Cultural Relations and Cooperation with Foreign Countries (ASCR), first as a referent, then - senior referent, head of a department, executive secretary, deputy chairperson and council chairperson. During the years of her work in ASCR different cultural scientific conferences were held under the leaderchip of Hasmik Poghosyan. Hasmik Poghosyan is the author of numerous scientific, publicistic, creative articles, a number of projects on publication of periodicals and books, a bibliography "Armenian Polette", reference books «What?, When? , Where?», «Welcome to Yerevan» in the English language, a series "Colors of the World", a book "Literary Ark".

The publications were aimed mainly at getting acquainted of foreigners with Armenian culture and art, with the past and the present, with the national traditions and scientific mind.

A considerable contribution of Hasmik Poghsyan to Armenian culture, her purposefulness, hard work, discipline and organizer's talent were appreciated deservingly in the public and political sphere.

By order of the President of Armenia of 22 June 2006 Hasmik Poghosyan was appointed Minister of Culture and Youth of the RoA.