Edmond Karapetian

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My name is Edmond Karapetian. I am 26 years old. I was born in Tehran, it is the capital city of Iran. I lived in the Majidiye area in Tehran which is one of those places where lots of armenians live. I attended the following armenian schools in Tehran: Shant (Maziar), Alishan and Sogomonian. I live in Holland since 1990. The city where i live now is near the North sea and in about 40 km from Amsterdam. I study electrical engineering at the Technical University of Delft. My favorite hobbies are: going out, playing snooker & pool, playing soccer, reading world literature, listening to (classical) music and etc.

At this moment i am working for a company named JDR Cable Systems which is the leader in developing underwater cables for offshore applications. I started a new project to develop cables with extra thin insulation layers for higher voltages.