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Black Dog of Fate

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Black Dog of Fate
Author Peter Balakian
ISBN ISBN 978-0465010196
Short Description During the 1950s and 60s, an American-Armenian begins to learn about family's genocide story.
Format Hardbound, Softbound, eBook
No. of Pages 304
Language English
Category Genocide, Literature & Fiction

In this tenth anniversary edition of his award-winning memoir, New York Times bestselling author Peter Balakian has expanded his compelling story about growing up in the baby-boom suburbs of the '50s and '60s and coming to understand what happened to his family in the first genocide of the twentieth century; the Ottoman Turkish government's extermination of more than one million Armenians in 1915.

In this new edition, Balakian continues his exploration of the Armenian Genocide with new chapters about his journey to Aleppo and his trip to the Der Zor desert of Syria in his pursuit of his grandmother's life, bringing us closer to the twentieth century's first genocide.

Facts about "Black Dog of Fate"
Book AuthorPeter Balakian +
Book CategoryGenocide + and Literature & Fiction +
Book FormatHardbound +, Softbound + and eBook +
Book ISBN978-0465010196 +
Book LanguageEnglish +
Book Pages304 +
Book TitleBlack Dog of Fate +