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Ben Bagdikian

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Ben_Bagdikian&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Ben Bagdikian Mars symbol.svg
Birthplace Marash
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Birth date 30 January 1920
Death place Berkeley
Death date 2016/03/11
Death year 2016
Dialects Western Armenian
Ancestral villages Marash
Awards Pulitzer Prize, Peabody Prize
Major works The Media Monopoly

Ben Haig Bagdikian (born 1920, Marash, Ottoman Empire; now in Turkey) is an American educator and journalist of Armenian descent. Bagdikian has made journalism his profession since 1941. He is a significant American media critic and the dean emeritus of the University of California at Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. He is considered one of the most respected figures in American journalism. In 1983 Bagdikian published The Media Monopoly, which revealed the fast-moving media conglomeration that was putting more and more media corporations in fewer and fewer hands with each new merger. This work has been updated through six editions (through 2000) before being renamed The New Media Monopoly, and is considered a crucial resource for knowledge about media ownership.

Books by Bagdikian

  • In the Midst of Plenty: A New Report on the Poor in America, Boston: Beacon Press, 1964.
  • The Information Machines: Their impact on Men and the Media, New York: Harper, 1971, ISBN 0060902582
  • The Effete Conspiracy and Other Crime by the Press, New York: Harper, 1974. ISBN 0060903430
  • Caged: Eight Prisoners & Their Keepers, New York: Harper, 1976. ISBN 0060101741
  • The Media Monopoly, Boston: Beacon Press, 1983. ISBN 0807061794
    • New Edition with extensions The New Media Monopoly, Boston: Beacon Press, 2004. ISBN 0807061875
  • Double Vision: Reflections on My Heritage, Life, and Profession, Boston: Beacon Press, 1995. ISBN 0807070661

As editor

  • "Man's Contracting World in an Expanding Universe", Proceedings of the Brown University Convocation held in Providence, RI October 21-23, 1959, Brown University, 1960.
  • "The Shame Of The Prisons", The Washington Post national report, with Leon Dash, 1972.
  • The Memoir of Lydia Bagdikian, by Lydia Bagdikian, Berkeley, California: Private printing. Based on notebook diaries of Ben Bagdikian's older sister Lydia, 1997.

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